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      Upcoming Events
          Week of July 2nd, 2018
                            With the holiday this week we are slightly limited but we still have a good deal of work on our list for the week.  The large pitching green (P1) will be aerified using our 5/8" coring tines.  This process may take longer than one day so it is possible that the green will be closed on Tuesday.  We will also aerify the greens on the short course.  We should have our fertilizer on site by Monday so we will plan on fertilizing Cypress Links wall to wall.  This is our last application of pre emergent herbicide until the fall.  We will also make sure the new ladies tee on KD #14 is ready for grass and may use the plugs from the collars on P1 to plant it.  We will begin working on the new ladies tees on 16 and 17 as well.
      Current Updates

      July 5th, 2018
         We were successful in getting all of Cypress Links fertilized by the end of the day on Tuesday.  We still have some fertilizer remaining which will be used on the range tees and putting green surrounds next week.  The aerification of P1 went smoothly, there is a large amount of sand on the putting surface so we may not mow this green until Monday afternoon.  This will allow the turf to grow up through the sand over the weekend and help prevent our mowers from picking up the sand.  The new red tees on KD 16 and 17 were sod cut in preparation for additional fill, the sod was used on 14 red tee to finish off that project.  The heavy rains over the last few days have caused a great deal of washouts in the bunkers and standing water throughout the courses.  Some of the standing water comes from clogged drains on the course while some is the result of clogged outflow structures due to the carp grates that were installed by the district. 

      June 29th, 2018
         We've been making some irrigation repairs this week from the heavy lightning we received on Sunday.  The irrigation control boxes on Kings 1-9 can give us problems due to the fact they are radio controlled from our maintenance facility.  These components are difficult to diagnose and some can be a little expensive to replace.  As of now we are getting good communication to all the controllers but spotty communications back to the shop's main computer.  This results in the sprinklers running properly but we just can't see that they operated properly on the shop computer.  We will continue to troubleshoot these until they are all working properly once again.  
        We completed the fertilizer with Ronstar application to King's Dunes this week along with the DryJect aerification.  We followed the DryJect with a dry verticutting which was then matted into the turf, this helps to redistribute the sand across the surface of the green.  
         The greens on all three courses were sprayed this week with our normal nutrient packages and growth regulators.  Kings will be a little behind due to the fact that it hasn't received a growth regulator application in several weeks due to the aerification.  The tee complexes on Cypress Links were sprayed this week with growth regulator and insecticide.  This finishes the application to all tee complexes and fairway on all three courses.  We will begin on the roughs in the coming weeks.

      Lastly, the state has approved a new herbicide for the control of Tropical Signalgrass which is our most difficult to control weed found on the golf courses.  We received delivery of this new product (Manuscript) yesterday and will begin using it throughout CCW in the coming days.  We really hope the product controls this weed as good as the test data shows, we should know in 4 to 6 weeks.

      June 25th, 2018
         Today we completed the core aerification on several practice greens leaving only the large pitching green (P1) remaining.  We discovered a lightning strike last night next to 3 tee on KD  blew out a 2" irrigation line and damaged our irrigation controllers in the area.  The pipe is repaired but the controllers may take a few days to get back up and running.  The greens on Cypress Links were verticut and mowed today as well as the last holes topdressed on KD last week 13-18.  We are all set for the dryject aerification scheduled for Tuesday, should be smooth sailing as long as the weather holds out for us. 

      June 18th, 2018
         We are on track to get the greens aerification completed by mid week.  The transition on the range tees has hit us a little hard in some areas this year but it's not out of the norm.  The competition between the ryegrass and bermudagrass is an ongoing battle in the spring and sometimes the ryegrass wins.  We have made an organic fertilizer application to the range tees and the surrounding areas to help the bermudagrass recover.  We will make additional fertilizer applications as needed and will sprigg or plug any areas that may need additional help with recovery. 

      June 12th, 2018
          The aerification on King's is going smoothly with holes 1-6 completed by the end of today.  We should be able to reach our goal of completing up to 12 by the end of the week.  Other items we are attending to on King's include a more aggressive spot spraying of weeds, Root pruning trees throughout the course and making our first primo (growth regulator) app to the tees and fairways.  We are using the plugs from the aerification to begin filling in the small pond next to the ladies tee on #18 of Cypress.  We obviously will not have enough plugs from Kings to completely fill in the area but we will have addition fill from other projects in the coming months to complete this project.

      June 7th, 2018
          The aerification on Royal Lakes has been completed and we are now working on getting the course mowed out for the opening on Monday.  Cypress Links Greens were verticut and topdressed on Wednesday as were the greens on King's Dunes on Monday.  Verticutting is an important part of our summer cultural practices as is the topdressing that usually follows it.  This helps to reduce organic matter in the upper inch of the playing surface and helps to smooth the putting surfaces.  We are still seeing some slight depressions from the aerification on Cypress but with another topdressing scheduled for next Monday we should be in great shape in the coming weeks. 
           All greens have been sprayed with fungicide this week to help combat some of the ring spot we are seeing.  This disease is more unsightly than damaging to the turf and the low nutrient levels we've been keeping on the putting surfaces has helped to make these rings more visible.  As we increase nitrogen levels these spots tend to go un-noticed as they blend in with the surrounding turf.  
           We have also stepped up our weed control efforts throughout all three courses, this is evident more so on Cypress as we have been using a product called Tenacity.  This herbicide tends to turn the weeds and part of the grass pure white which then starves and kills the weed.  Needless to say you can easily see every location we spray this product due to the contrast with the dark green turf canopy. 

      June 1st, 2018
         The rains have done there fair share of disrupting our maintenance operation this week but we were able to stay on schedule for the Royal Lakes aerification.  As of today all golf course greens have been aerified and topdressed.  We still have a few of the practice greens to aerify but they can be completed next week after the dryject.  We have fallen behind on mowing this week and may do some early morning mowing on Cypress fairways this weekend.  This will produce an excess of clippings which is unavoidable at this point.  The rains have also adversely affected the plant roots in many areas including greens.  We have sprayed additional fungicides this week to help prevent additional loss and to help the plants recover.  If we continue to see shorter damaged roots we will have no choice but to raise mowing heights which in turn will slow green speeds.  At this point the health of the turf is our priority and we'll take every step to ensure our greens remain healthy throughout the summer.

      May 28th, 2018
         Our staff is doing a great job at Royal with the aerification.  They worked all day during the holiday getting 6 more greens aerified and 2 more topdressed helping to keep us on schedule even with the rainy weather.  The greens on King's were sprayed Monday with with nutrients and fungicide.  We are seeing some ring spot on the putting surfaces due to the extreme moisture.  We will treat the all greens with fungicide as a precaution to make sure these rings clear up, this should happen on its own anyhow once the greens start drying out a little but a little extra insurance never hurts. 

      May 22nd, 2018
         We're off to a good start at Royal Lakes even with the rainy weather.  We have 3  greens aerified and topdressed as of 4:00pm.  The Chipco Choice insecticide application has also started out smoothly with 70 of the 140 acres completed.  They will return on Thursday to complete holes 4 through 11 and the range.  This will control Mole Crickets and Fire Ants in all areas treated.
         The greens on Cypress are recovering nicely from the aerification, we would like to get another verticutting and topdressing in but with the holiday next Monday we may need to attempt this prior to play one day next week.  The rains have created excessive growth on all surfaces and the putting speeds on the greens have slowed considerably.  We are making slightly heavier growth regulator applications to Cypress and King's this week but the soft conditions are causing the mowers to scalp in some areas.  Hopefully we will see a dry day on Wednesday which will help firm the greens and allow us to get back to normal mowing conditions for this time of year. 

      May 18th, 2018
          The rains this week show the perfect example of how playing conditions are affected by Mother Nature.  Green speeds have slowed dramatically even with our verticutting and topdressing efforts last Monday.  We've been double cutting and rolling this week on King's Dunes with little benefit in green speed.  The rains cause a flush of growth on the greens as they supply an over abundance of moisture to the turf which responds in soft succulent growth which is adverse to fast greens.  The rains have also falled in ample amounts to flush salts from the soil which in turn release nutrients that were held in the soil causing even more growth.  We combat this extra growth by increasing both the rate and the frequency our growth regulator applications.  With the aerification on Cypress completed we will turn our efforts back to King's next week with additional verticutting, topdressing and double cutting.

      May 17th, 2018
           The DryJect aerification went as smooth as it could yesterday with all 18 greens and 3 practice greens completed by 3:00pm.  We averaged 3 to 4,000 lbs of sand injected into the putting surfaces per green.  We still have 3 greens to core aerify which were completed behind the Dryject and will be topdressed this afternoon.  We are reshaping all of the fairways on Cypress and you are likely to see the blue marking paint for several more weeks as we repaint the lines to make sure our mowers can see and follow them.  We have also started making some unique mowing patterns with our fairway mowers some of which go up and around the greens.  We are hopeful that this shorter grass around some of the greens will improve play-ability.  Our plan for some of these areas is to reduce the mowing time by using the larger fairway mowers rather than the small triplex units.  We will play around with these cutouts over the summer and make adjustments as needed.

      Click here for link to a short Dryject video

      May 10th, 2018
         We're still plugging away at the aerification today, we'll be running the aerifier on  holes 11 and 12 today.  The greens are topdressed up to #8 and our goal today is to get 9,10 and 11 sanded.  We'll finish 12 on Friday which leaves 6 holes to complete next Monday and Tuesday.  This will get us ready for the dryject aerification on Wednesday.  So far we are extremely happy with the entire process and how the greens are responding.
        We are spraying a nematicide on the greens at royal lakes today, this product controls microscopic insects that can affect root growth.  This is product is watered into the green right after the application in order to reach the root-zone where the nematodes thrive.
        Our rough scalping is continuing on King's Dunes, this is the lowest we can go with the rough mowers.  We will mow one more week at this height then start returning to a more manageable height in the coming weeks.  Note: we are still lowering the heights on the rough mower at Royal Lakes but should be able to achieve our goal while the course is closed for aerification. 

      May 8th, 2018
         We're off to a good start this week, the greens on Cypress were double verticut and we started the 5/8" core aerification.  Our goal is to get the putting green and holes 1-12 aerified, cleaned and topdressed by Friday.  So far we have the putting green and holes 1-5 completed.  The topdressing process takes the longest time to complete due to the dry sand being applied by hand in order to better fill the open holes from the aerification.  The chipco choice (mole cricket control) application went extremely smooth today.  The contractor showed up with 6 machines rather than the normal 2 and they were able to knock out over 100 acres by 3:30pm.  This will give us mole cricket control for the next 8 months.  The finial scalp cut on the roughs at CCW is underway and Cypress was completed this afternoon.  We will begin on King's Wednesday morning, after this cut we will start raising the mowing heights in the roughs to our normal heights.  We'll see a quick green up as we allow the turf to grow over the next two weeks.
         The plugs removed from the greens are being used along the lake bank on KD #4 tee.  This will fill in the large cliff created from the lake washing out the slope during storms.  The plugs will be smoothed and packed once pushed over the edge. They will establish turf quickly and once again secure the lake bank.

      May 3rd, 2018
         The greens on King's Dunes were lightly verticut and topdressed on Monday and Royal Lakes is getting the same maintenance today.  All greens have been sprayed with nutrients, wetting agent and growth regulator this week.  We will be fertilizing Cypress Links greens on Friday with a 14-2-14 quick release blend to give them a good growth kick prior to the aerification next week.  The bunker faces on King's Dunes received an application of primo growth regulator this week and we are currently working on Cypress.  New landscaping beds were added along the right rough of #16 on Royal Lakes and we will work on regrassing the area over the summer.  We are also working on raising and leveling sprinklers around the greens on Royal, these areas should be considered GUR until they fully recover.  We've continued our efforts at fitness by adding more landscaping along the exit side of the roadway and we are expecting a load of sod today to finish off the circle.
         Our rough scalping efforts are going well with the 2nd week at the 1" height.  We will adjust the mowers to 3/4" for next week's cut on Cypress and perhaps on King's.  Royal has started to lower the rough mowing heights and is currently at 1.5"  We will keep the blowers running behind the mowers as needed while we continue to see heavy clipping yields from the mowers.

      April 27th, 2018
         The greens at Royal Lakes received a light verticutting yesterday, we will start getting more aggressive with the verticuttings in the coming weeks as the growth rate increases on the bermudagrass.  The greens at CCW were sprayed with minor nutrients and growth regulator, this should help keep the growth in check after the granular fertilizer application this week.  Cypress Links was fertilizer this morning with the same 13-0-26 slow release blend.  Our rough scalping at CCW is going well with all areas now cut down to 1", there are some excessive clippings in some areas and we've had the blowers out to help disperse them.  We will maintain this height for another week then determine if we will go to 3/4" or start raising the heights back to normal.  We've been fertilizing weak areas throughout the courses with an organic fertilizer.  This blend can have a slight odor just after application but keep in mind the benefits we get from the organic fertilizer.  We will continue to hit these areas on a regular basis.

      April 25th, 2018
         The Scalping of the roughs on CCW is going smoothly. we are now down to 1" and will remain there for the next two weeks.  After the 2nd cut at this height we will determine if we will go to 3/4" or start raising the height back up to the desired 1.5".  We will however go back up in 1/4" increments several weeks apart.  The tees on Cypress were fertilized on Monday with an organic slow release fertilizer.  This does tend to give off a little odor but quickly dissipates when watered into the turf canopy.  The greens on King's Dunes received our first granular fertilizer application on Tuesday using a 13-0-26 blend which applies 1/2 lb of slow release nitrogen per 1000 sqft.  We can expect some drop in green speeds but we will counteract the additional growth with rolling and verticutting next week.  We've kept the greens on the lean side for the last several months and the turf now needs to get back on a solid nutritional program, especially going into aerification season.

      April 20th, 2018
        Our second application of pre-emergent herbicide was completed on Cypress Links this week.  This was applied to all fairways, tees and roughs using a fertilizer carrier 5-0-20.  We will not see a flush of growth from this but it will help nourish the turf.  We are still working on the pre-emergent application to Royal Lakes using a sprayable product called Specticle.  Tees and fairways are complete and we are working on the roughs.  All greens were sprayed early in the week with fungicide and again later in the week with growth regulator.  The Memorial garden was formally opened this week, we still have additional plantings planned for the area but mostly aquatics within the creek.  

      April 17th, 2018
         We managed to complete the green's venting on Cypress yesterday and managed to get the second application of weed preventer on holes 1-10.     We will continue throughout the remainder of the week to complete the process on 11-18 of Cypress Links.  The greens on both Cypress and King's were sprayed with fungicide and nutrients. We will make a second spray application later in the week with growth regulator.  The irrigation addition along the outer rough on #1 of Royal Lakes was completed. The Bahia in this area should start to look a little better from the 1st tee and the clubhouse.  

      April 9th, 2018
         The driving range received a fertilization using a 15-0-15 blend with weed a preventer.  The greens on Cypress were lightly verticut and topdressed. This was the first topdressing of the season using our larger tow behind topdresser, moving forward we will continue to increase the amount of sand being spread onto the putting surfaces.  King's Dunes greens were also topdressed today.  Holes 10-18 on King's Dunes were fertilized with a 5-0-20 blend which also contained a weed preventer.

      April 4th, 2018
         We are still seeing excessive clipping yields from our rough mowers due to scalping down the roughs.  This is the 2nd week at this lower height and the amount of clippings is slightly higher than what we expected to see.  We will continue to run the blowers and cleanup crew behind the mowers to disperse the clippings but you may still run into a heavy area or two during your round.
         The greens on King's were pencil-tine aerified on Monday and all greens have been sprayed with growth regulator this week.  We are still seeing some fairyring on some putting surfaces and will continue to treat these areas.  Once we aerify we should see these spots dissipate as air and water exchange increases.
        No one wants the turf around the bunker faces to grow more but at the same time we need to keep it healthy.  We are currently making a fertilizer application to the bunker faces on CL and KD.  We are using a slow release organic blend 6-2-0, this is derived from sludge so you may notice a slight odor around the bunkers for a week or so.  We will be doing the tees next with the same organic fertilizer. 


  • Photo Update
    • Below:  The new Forward Red tee on KD #14 just prior to sodding.

      Below:  Bug spray and spray on sunscreen should be applied on the cartpath.  Both can
      cause burn on the turf that can last for days.  Notice the footprints are nice and green.

      Below:  A unique aerial shot of the range, clubhouse and pickle ball.

      Below:  Overseeding can cause problems in early summer once it fully checks out.  The thin area in the bottom 
      portion of the photo is were we had Ryegrass planted over the winter.  Note the healthy turf above where no overseeding was used.
      These areas will heal fairly quickly with a little extra fertilizer.

  • Rain Records
    • Did you know we have up to 7 rain gauges throughout our three golf courses? Five actually control the irrigation system and the other two are used for quick reference at our maintenance facilities. Click here to see our daily rain totals. 

      Note: This will redirect you to a Google Docs file. To return you may need to use the back button on your browser.
  • Pin Sheets
    •   In order to optimize the GPS system on the golf carts we utilize a 3 zone system consisting of front, middle and back.  Our setup staff also moves the tee markers to correspond with the zone location, for example; if the zone is in the front of the green tee markers will be setup behind the yardage stones on each of the tees.  Of course for the most accurate yardage, readings can be obtained by using the reflectors secured to the top of every flagpole with your personal range finder.   Below are copies of the pin-sheets, please feel free to copy, paste and print these sheets for your personal use, copies are also available through the pro shops.

  • 2018 Maintenance Schedule


      Summer Closing and Maintenance Schedule

      Updated 4/2/2018


      Feb 12th-13th                 King’s Spring Fertilizer Closed


      Feb 21st-22nd      Royal Lakes Spring Fertilizer Closed


      March 5th-6th            Cypress Spring Fertilizer  Closed


      April 9th-11th                   King’s Chipco Choice App  Closed


      May 7th- May 21st   Cypress Aerification 5/8   Closed


      May 22st June 10th        Royal Aerification 5/8   Closed


      June 11th July 1st       King’s Aerification 5/8”   Closed


      July 9th-30th              Cypress Aerification 3/8”   Closed

      July 16th-30th                               Clubhouse Shutdown


      July 31st –Aug 20th         Royal Aerification 3/8”   Closed


      Aug 20th- Sept 9th         Kings Aerification 3/8”   Closed


      Sept 17th – 21st       Royal Fertilizer Application  Closed


      Sept 24th-28th    Cypress Fertilizer Application  Closed


      Oct 29th   Pigment Applications to all Fairways Begins Open

  • Project List
      • Repair drainage basins as needed in the fairways on Cypress and King's, raise and level
      • Add more Fakahatchee grass along the lake bank on #8 of Cypress Links
      • Repair cart paths throughout King's Dunes and Cypress and a few areas around the clubhouse.
      • Continue forward tee additions on King's Dunes, Currently working on #14.
      • Rebuild the bunker face on the larger Chipping Green bunker at the CCW range.
      • Repair lake bank along KD #4 tees and CL #17 using plugs from the aerification process.
      • Replace the Fakahatchee grass bed on #3 of Cypress Links along cart path.
      • Replace sprinklers along the path behind the clubhouse and in parking lot islands.
      • Secure boards on the KD #7 bridge with screws.
      • Spray the CCW driving range more aggressively to remove weed on the range floor.
      • Re-landscape along the right rough #16 of RL by planting Fak beds and removing the bahia.