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          Week of December 4th, 2017
           Proceeding with our monthly schedule King's Dunes will receive a solid tine venting on Monday.  Our pigment applications will be on Cypress Links fairways this week and the tees on both Cypress and Kings.  Due to the reduced growth and expected cold weather at the end of the week we will not mow any roughs this week.  This will allow us to get a few more projects done including work on the memorial garden area.  We have a lift coming to begin palm tree trimming, we will start with the clubhouse and then work out to the courses, this will be a 1 to 2 month process.

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      December 4th, 2017
           All greens on King's Dunes were pencil tine aerified today, without an issues.  They will be rolled on Tuesday to make sure the surfaces are smooth while allowing the columns to remain open for air and water exchange into the soil.  The fairways on Cypress were treated with pigment and a herbicide to remove nutsedge and any Poa that may have germinated over the last few months.  We continued work on the memorial garden with the install of the poly pipe for irrigation throughout the landscape beds.  The fairways on Kings were fertilized with an 11-0-18 quick release blend along with the range tees, all but #17 fairway were completed.  The cart path edging on KD was completed and we have started edging all bunkers beginning with the green bunkers on Cypress Links.  The bunker edging will be a 3 to 4 week project between Cypress and Kings.

      November 29th, 2017
           Monday was productive with a light verticutting of the greens on both Cypress and King's and a light topdressing on CL Greens.  The fairways on King's were sprayed with pigment and nutrients.  We finished up the installation of irrigation in the memorial garden area and we started to trim up the oak trees in the same area.  Tuesday the greens on Royal Lakes were sprayed with nutrients and additional fungicide.  After the wet cloudy days last week we started to see some Leaf Spot popping up on some greens so we made an additional application of fungicide.  We made a granular fertilizer application to the greens on Cypress on Tuesday using a 13-0-26 blend and will follow up on Friday with an application to King's.  Royal Lakes will receive a granular application as well this week using a 5-15-15 blend.  Wednesday and Thursday Cypress and King's will receive a fungicide and growth regulator application to the greens in prep for the member / member this weekend.  We are also lowering the mowing heights on the greens to .115" due to the continued warm weather which tends make it more difficult to reach our green speed goals.

      November 21st, 2017
         We had a productive day on Monday; All greens on Cypress Links were pencil tine aerified, the greens on King's Dunes were lightly topdressed using our spreader cart, the fairways on Cypress were sprayed with Pigment and nutrients, the new ladies tee on 15 was sodded and the new Ryegrass around the practice area at CCW was mowed for the first time. 
           We've changed to a slightly different pigment this season due to some clogging issues we were experiencing with the old pigment during the first few applications.  The color is slightly different but it still provides a great contrast between the treated areas and the roughs.
          The greens on King's and Royal were sprayed with a fungicide and nutrient mix today and Cypress will be done on Wednesday.  All included our normal weekly application of growth regulator as well.
         We are having a main power issue with the irrigation control box on #6 of King's Dunes.  There is a break in the line between a junction next to #2 tee and the control box on #6.  The usual troublesome spots on the 6th green have dried excessively from this issue and we have begun hand watering these areas to reduce the stress.  In order to have temporary power we have installed two small solar panels and a battery to operate the irrigation system on the 6th hole.  We will see if the problem can be located and repaired and if not we may need to run a new power wire from the control box on #5 to the box on #6.

      November 15th, 2017
         With the Ladies event this week we've been concentrating on mowing out the courses at CCW and making sure they are ready for the event.  The Ryegrass seed is coming up nicely on the range and as usual is a bit long just after germination.  As the plant matures it will be more easily managed and produce the playing surface we expect on the range tees and surrounds.  All greens were sprayed over the last several days with nutrients, growth regulator, and a wetting agent.  The wetting agent will last 30 days and will allow us to dry down the surface of the greens and re-wet the soil evenly when irrigation is needed.  Without the wetting agent we often see what we call hot spots that never seem to get enough moisture and wet spots which receive too much water.  Our cart path edging on Cypress Links is almost completed and should finished by the end of the week.  We started replacing some of the annuals at Royal Lakes clubhouse and will continue to do so throughout the property in the coming weeks.  Over half of the annuals we will plant this winter have been grown by our staff in our nursery, the geraniums are the only exception.  We were off to a slow start planting seeds due to hurricane Irma but it looks like we are back on track to have plenty of annuals to brighten up the landscape.

      November 6th, 2017
          It never feels right when it's a Monday and everything goes as planned.  We had a productive day beginning with the pencil tine aerification on KD greens.  We also completed the fertilization of the fairways on KD using an 11-0-18 with quick release nitrogen blend and lightly topdressed the greens on CL using bagged dry sand and our cart topdressing spreader.  The fertilizer should give us some additional growth and color by the end of the week and the sand will help keep the putting surfaces rolling true and smooth for the next 10 to 14 days.  We spent most of the morning preparing the turf around (P1) the pitching green for overseeding.  The collar and approaches were verticut several times to allow seed to penetrate the canopy and reach the soil for germination.  We also took this opportunity to expand the short grass surrounding the pitching green (P1).  We've found more players want to practice from the short grass than the rough, you can easily see where we expanded these areas due to the obvious scalped appearance.  Once the seed begins to grow these areas will blend in nicely and look as if they've always been cut at collar height.  The range tees were also seeded on Monday and will be watered as much as possible to encourage germination.  You may see water running during the day in these areas, our staff will be on hand monitoring the water to insure no one inadvertently gets wet.

      November 1st, 2017
          We've lost a lot of turf color over the last week in part from reducing the height of cut in the roughs and also due to the low temperatures.  This fits perfect with our scheduled pigment application on the fairways.  King's has been completed and we are currently working on Cypress, we will begin on Royal before the end of the week.  This first application is at a lighter rate knowing that we will still see some warm weather which will green up the turf naturally.  These applications also have some nutrients in the spray mix and are adjusted according to the needs of the turf.  Our spot spraying efforts continue to clean up the Tropical Signalgrass.  These applications tend to stand out more when the turf goes off color due to the blue dye we use in the mix.  The dye is simply for use to see what we have sprayed in order to avoid a second application by mistake, it usually dissipates in a couple of days. 

      October 25th, 2017
          So far this week;  The greens on King's have been verticut and topdressed and both Cypress and King's have received their weekly spraying which included some fungicide this week.  Royal is still scheduled for spraying later in the week with the same mix.  We've lowered the rough mowers at CCW by 1/4" and it shows in the amount of clippings left behind the mowers and in the color change due to the removal of the leaf tissue.  We will continue to run a blower behind the mowers to disperse the excess clippings, thankfully the wind has kept the turf dry in the morning which will help reduce the clipping piles left behind by the mowers.  We are continuing with weed-eating the lakes on King's Dunes and are at the halfway point with 1-9 completed.  Lastly we have started working on the removal of the stumps from the trees Irma knocked over, the holes will be filled with soil once the sumps are removed.  The leak on Cypress #1 is scheduled for final repairs next Monday, this leak is in the worst location making it difficult to repair the surrounding turf while we're open for play.

      October 19th, 2017
         In preparation for the Pat Bradley event we sprayed all fairways on Cypress Links this week with pigment, nutrients and growth regulator.  We are trying out several different pigments over the next several weeks to make sure we are getting the best color possible, which very well may be the pigment we've been using over the past several years.  The greens on all three courses were sprayed with growth regulator and nutrients this week which is part of our weekly program.  Our Nematicide application that was made last week has fungicide properties as well and pressures are low this time of year so no additional fungicides were added this week.  Update on the irrigation leak on Cypress #1; the pipe has been repaired but the damage to the turf will remain until Monday the 30th due to it's location.  We can not make repairs until the next time we are closed as the area is directly in the flight path on the hole. It will remain ground under repair until the area has fully recovered.  
         We made an additional cart topdressing to the greens of Cypress Links on Thursday, this method of applying sand to the putting surface is only done in season.  It allows us to put a very light layer of sand out ahead of play using dry bagged sand, the affects of the sand will last several days improving ball roll and firming the playing surfaces.  If we continue to do this on a weekly basis the cumulative affects will help produce firm & fast greens.  We plan on performing this topdressing on a regular basis to all three courses throughout the winter.  As we get into the cooler weather we may change from the white sand to a black or camouflage sand that will blend better with the turf and be less noticeable when playing.

      October 16th, 2017
         We verticut, topdressed, vented and rolled the greens on Cypress today.  This will not only provide a better putting surface but will allow air and water exchange throughout the soil profile giving us better roots in the long run for healthier turf.  We also sprayed most of the fairways on Cypress with pigment, fertilizer and growth regulator, we will finish on Tuesday morning.  The green bunkers on Cypress were flymowed and we continued the weedeating of the lakebanks on Cypress.  We repaired a few more fairway bunkers from the washouts received from Irma which leaves only the bunker on 18 fairway of Cypress to repair.  Of course the rain we received on King's yesterday washed many of those bunkers again so we will start on their repairs as soon as possible. 
          Lastly we had another mainline blowout on Cypress Links #1, this may take several days to repair the pipe and even longer to repair the sod due to it's location and the fact that there is little break in play to safely make the repairs.  We will begin digging it up first thing in the morning. 
         The fountain by Cypress #1 is down at the moment, we will try making repairs but may need to replace the unit which is budgeted for in 2018.
        The water feature on King's Dunes #15 is back in operation.  We replaced the control panel on Friday and everything is operating smoothly for now.

      October 10th, 2017
          We took advantage of not being able to work on the courses much yesterday afternoon due to the scheduled event and worked on cutting up and removing one of the large trees that fell in the oak area between 4 and 5 of King's.  We still have the last 25% of the tree to remove but we put a good dent in it.  Although this area does not belong to the club we still maintain it as much as we can.  We will plan on finishing the remaining cleanup in this area over the next month or so.  We finally got our large spray rig back from the repair shop late last week and we put it to good use Monday treating some of the nutsedge in the roughs on King's Dunes.  We will continue these spot treatments on Cypress Links today.

      October 3rd, 2017
          The planned verticutting and topdressing of King's Dunes went smoothly on Monday and we managed to topdress the greens on Cypress as well.  The greens on King's Dunes received an application of fertilizer a 0-0-13 blend and the remaining holes on the back nine were fertilized completing the project that was started last week.  We fertilized the range and practice areas and all clubhouse grounds.  Our efforts to spot spray weeds is starting to become evident throughout all three courses as the areas start to turn off color.  We will continue spot spraying through this month and into November.  At some point in November we will switch to a different herbicide which is not as aggressive as the one we are currently using.

      September 28th, 2017
         Our fertilizer application to Cypress Links has been completed as of Wednesday afternoon.  We will due a few more holes on the back nine of King's Dunes this morning and finish the rest next Monday.  Our pine straw mulch application on Cypress Links is nearing an end as well and should be completed by this afternoon.  Earlier this week we had a grapple truck come in and remove some of the debris generated from Irma. They removed 6 loads of material which looks like it was just under half of what we removed from the courses.  Each truckload holds about 60yds of material, they will be back next Monday to haul the rest of the debris.  As we ride the courses we see more and more debris and broken branches, it will take months to fully remove all evidence of Irma from the landscape.
           Our water feature on #15 of King's Dunes is currently down, the control unit for the pump needs to be replaced and has been ordered.  As soon as we can we will replaced the controller and get it operational again.
      The greens on Cypress were fertilized yesterday using a 13-0-26 blend and all greens will receive an application of growth regulator within the next few days.

      September 26th, 2017
          We're at the halfway point on the fertilizer applications and if all goes as planned Cypress Links will be completed by late Wednesday afternoon.  King's may take a little longer and may not be fully completed until next Monday.  The greens on Cypress were lightly verticut and half were topdressed on Monday until equipment failure on the topdresser stopped our progress.  Hopefully, we can have it up and running to complete the topdressing on Wednesday or Thursday.  We have been making a big push on getting weeds sprayed while Cypress is closed.  There will be some burnt spots in the fairways and roughs as the chemical does it's job.  We will make follow up applications in the next several weeks.  The pine straw application is going smoothly but slowly, the crew should have 1-7 completed by the end of the day. 
         We still have some cleanup  to do on all the courses from Irma but we are trying to balance the cleanup with all the other tasks we have to complete.  We still have all the fairway bunker slopes to repair on Cypress Links and several holes on King's Dunes.  If all goes well we should be done by the end of next week.

      September 20th, 2017
          Our outside contractors are moving along nicely with the pinestraw mulch application on King's Dunes and should be completed by the end of the week.  Our fertilizer delivery for King's was delayed so we will not be able to complete that operation this week but will begin first thing Monday morning.  The greens on King's and Cypress were treated with Indemnify today to control nematodes, we will do a follow up application in two weeks.  Although this application is expensive the response from the turf is outstanding and greatly improves the playability of the greens throughout the season.  Royal Lakes Indemnify application is scheduled for Thursday or Friday.
         It seems like we put half our staff on the removal of the large oak tree on hole #4 of King's Dunes today.  We had an outside contractor come in and cut the tree into manageable pieces on Tuesday and our staff moved it to the staging area in the clubhouse parking lot today.  We still have some of the larger trunk pieces to clean up on Thursday.  The area will be roped off when we reopen until we have time to remove the stump.


      September 18th, 2017
           We are continuing our clean up from Irma on King's Dunes this week along with our previously scheduled maintenance for this course.  Our pine straw contractor has begun installing the mulch throughout the course which will take every bit of the week to complete.  The greens on all three courses were sprayed Monday with growth regulator and nutrients, we went a little heavier than normal due to the fact that they were not sprayed last week.  The greens on Cypress Links were solid tine aerified to increase air flow into the root-zone which was needed after the wet conditions seen a week ago.  We started our growth regulator application to the tee complexes on Cypress Links but our sprayer lost an axle and will be down for most of the week while repairs are completed.

      Below is a good example of why we use fences to protect our fairways.  Driving through the low areas when conditions are Rough Only can result in getting stuck and create a mess on the course.  This was not the only area damaged by cart traffic last Saturday when conditions were extremely wet.  Please use caution when we have Rough Only restrictions and stick to the higher ground to avoid turf damage.

      September 15th, 2017
          The greens on Cypress Links were fertilized on Thursday morning to add some nutrients back into the soil.  The range tees were sprayed with weed control and growth regulator, we will fertilize them next week.  Due to the storm and the cleanup process none of the putting surfaces received their normal weekly growth regulator treatment so putting conditions may be slightly slower than normal next week.  The greens on Royal lakes did receive a light topdressing today which will help enhance ball speed.  We started our fall fertilizer application to all areas on Royal Lakes but were not able to finish as planned, we will complete the process next Thursday.
         We had some extra help from F&B staff today which allowed us to start repairs to the green bunkers of Cypress Links which is well ahead of schedule.  Remember the washouts in the bunkers can be considered GUR but you must drop in the hazard when taking relief.
          We continued general cleanup on Cypress Links today and have only a few fallen trees left to cut and cleanup next week.  We've just started to scratch surface of the cleanup efforts on King's but we'll make a big push next week to get everything cleaned up there as well.  We did not get any roughs cut on King's this week so we can expect some excessive clippings next week when we finally mow.  We should be back to normal when we reopen King's Dunes on the 23rd.
         Lastly we replaced all the tee markers on Cypress Links with the new log style which match the ones seen at Royal Lakes.  We will do the same next week on King's Dunes when time permits. 

      September 14th, 2017
          Progress is moving smoothly on the cleanup of Cypress Links and Royal Lakes.  Although the cleanup process is the bulk of our efforts we still have grass to mow as well.  In order to keep from having excessive clippings throughout the courses we have raised the mowing heights on the rough mowers from 1.75" to 2".  Down the road when we finally get caught up on the rough mowing we will lower the height back to our normal height of 1.75".
         We are doing a solid tine aerification on Royal Lakes greens in order to help get air movement throughout the rootzone.  We will begin our wall to wall fertilizer application today and continue into Friday.  Our goal was to complete the fertilizer application this week but we will most likely need to finish next Thursday.  Our pine straw mulch application on Royal Lakes was rescheduled for early October.
        We started some general cleanup on King's Dunes but the bulk of the cleanup on that course will occur next week.

      September 12th, 2017
          After evaluating at the courses and with a handful of staff we have begun the cleanup process.  Our first goals are to make sure water is flowing through all the drainage structures throughout the property.  These structures quickly become clogged due to the carp barriers installed by the District.  Add to that the amount of debris that blew into the lakes and these structures have became completely clogged.  Several lakes exceeded their capacity and began to overflow into the development, thankfully we have cleared the barriers and the water levels are beginning to drop.  We will need to check these barriers on a regular basis throughout the day to keep them flowing.  This problem also backs up the water onto the courses creating some lakes in many of the low areas.  It will easily take several days just to drain the excess water from the property. 
          Our next efforts are to clean up the clubhouse parking lots and grounds at both facilities.  We will be using part of the employee parking area at the main clubhouse as a staging point for all the debris coming off King's Dunes in the coming days. 
         Greens were also a priority today, both getting them cleaned off and  mowed to make sure they continue to perform once we reopen. 
           Overall the amount of debris throughout the property is extensive, add to that the number of large trees that were uprooted and it creates a great deal of cleanup for our staff. 
           Bunkers: As everyone knows our bunkers wash during these heavy rain events.  We just completed repairing the bunkers from the storm several weeks ago and now we get to start over.  Our staff will concentrate on cleaning up the debris throughout the property before we even begin to work on the bunkers.  It could be a full month before we get all the bunkers repaired on all three courses.  We will begin with green bunkers and move on to fairway bunkers when greens have been completed.
          Dump Piles;  We are using several locations for our cleanup process after Irma.  We have dumpsites at each maintenance facility and two others on the property to help speed the process.  We have a contractor scheduled for next Thursday to come out and haul off the debris piles, which could take most of the day.

      September 8th, 2017
           We've been doing some storm prep over the past few days and today is our big push day to get the courses ready for Irma.  Over the last week all greens were treated with fungicide and growth regulator to help them stay healthy during the expected wet weather.  They were also treated with a little extra growth regulator than our normal weekly application knowing the greens will not get mowed on Sunday and Monday.
          We will be removing all coolers and placing the stands on the ground to prevent damage from the storm.  We are also removing all benches, clubwashers and trash cans from the practice facilities and courses.  Our fuel tanks are full and chainsaws ready for post storm cleanup if needed.  We will be powering down our pump stations and all irrigation control boxes on Saturday morning along with most power circuits within the maintenance facilities.  We'll do our best to get the facility back open as soon as possible after the storm.

      September 6th, 2017
           For now we are keeping a close eye on Irma and reviewing our hurricane preparation documents just in case she decides to head this direction.  On Tuesday we managed to get most of the fairways on King's Dunes sprayed with growth regulator which also included some weed control products.  The large Pitching Green (P1) was heavily topdressed and aerified. This was supposed to be done last week but due to the excessive rains we were unable to do so.  This is the last core aerification scheduled for this year.  We will continue to perform solid tine aerifications monthly throughout the season to keep the greens as healthy as possible.  The greens on Cypress were lightly verticut and lightly topdressed.  We have noticed some stones in this topdressing mix which will be evident on Wednesday but should be cleaned up with the mowers on Thursday morning.
         As usual this time of year our weed populations are exploding even though we have been making a good effort to keep them under control this summer.  As the temperatures start to drop we will have better control over the weed populations throughout the courses.  We will continue to make spot treatments by hand and some broadcast treatments as needed.  Our fall fertilizer applications in the next several weeks will also include a pre-emergent herbicide to help prevent any new weeds from growing.
         We had some irrigation issues on Royal Lakes which included a power line failure to the system that operates the clubhouse landscape and the driving range.  We also had a mainline leak under the roadway in the parking lot, both issues have been resolved and everything is operational once again. 

      September 1st, 2017
           It's amazing how fast the turf will start to wilt after receiving over a foot of rain last week.  By Wednesday we needed to put a light watering cycle on the greens.  The staff worked hard all week to get the courses back in the best condition possible in the amount of time we had.  We managed to repair all the green bunkers on Cypress Links and started on the green bunkers of King's Dunes.  We mowed all roughs on King's Dunes but were only able to mow the first 20-30 feet of the roughs along the fairways on Cypress.  The crews spent most of Monday and Tuesday cleaning piles of grass clippings that had washed during the storms.  For the first few days we simply could not get equipment on the course so general cleanup was the priority.  It may still take us several weeks to get back to the conditions we had prior to the stormy weekend.
         We started trimming all of the landscape grasses throughout King's Dunes this week as well and hope to have King's completed by the end of next week.  Each of the three courses will shut down for one week in September starting with Royal Lakes. This will allow our staff to make a fall fertilizer application and have a contractor come in to pine-straw (mulch) all the landscape beds throughout the property.

      August 28th, 2017
         As everyone is aware we received a record amount of rainfall on Saturday and continued rains on Sunday and Monday.  This is the most water we've seen on the courses over a 48 hour period in the past 10 years.  In many areas cart traffic is blocked by standing water and all turf areas are extremely wet and soft.  Our crews are trying our best to clean up the courses such as removing grass clipping piles and pushing sand back in place on the bunker faces.  Once the courses start to dry enough for light traffic we'll get mowers out and start grooming the courses.  Even when we can open the courses we will most likely be rough only for the first few days in order to keep carts off the soft fairways.  Many times we hear from members saying we could have been 90 degrees when if fact the fairways are too soft.  Rough only restrictions are placed not only due to wet conditions but soft conditions to prevent rutting on the fairways.  Once a cart ruts the fairway it can take months to heal therefore prevention is our best option.  Our staff will do our best to get the courses playable and open as soon as possible.  Check with the pro shop for current updates.

      August 23rd,2017
          We are continuing our effort to aerify the greens on King's Dunes.  We've completed the topdressing which is put down prior to the aerification in order to limit any rutting from the heavy equipment.  Holes 1-10 were aerified and cleaned so we shouldn't have any problem with completing the aerification today weather permitting of course.  The greens will then be rolled and brushed to get as much sand into the holes as possible and to help smooth the surface.  We will roll the greens several more times before we reopen on Sept 1st.
          As you make you way around the courses this time of year you will see brown spots throughout the property including on the fairways.  These areas are from a herbicide application of which we are trying to control a weed known as Tropical Signalgrass.  This weed is at its worst in August and September and we try to increase our hand spraying efforts this time of year to remove the weed from the playing surfaces.  Although the area looks dead they will recover quickly.  We generally get 80% control in the fairways with 1 application but the roughs generally need a 2nd applications within 7 to 10 days to achieve the same control.  In late September we will change our herbicides to a more expensive blend that can achieve 100% control in 1 or 2 applications.  This type of control can only be achieved from late September through November and again in the Spring.

      August 22nd, 2017
           Our last Dryject of the season was completed yesterday which pushed over 60,000 lbs of sand into the playing surface.  This sand helps to dilute the organic matter that continually builds within the soil profile due to the natural growth of the plant.  The sand channels also provide support through the organic layer which creates a firmer playing surface.  We start the last of the core aerifications this morning on King's Dunes. We typically perform the core aerification prior to the Dryject but due to the short two week closure of King's Dunes and the labor involved with the Dryject we are doing it after.  So for those keeping count here's what we did over the summer.  All Three Courses, Greens were core aerified once with 5/8" tines and a 2nd time with 3/8" tines, they all received 2 Dryject aerifications and of course general verticutting and topdressing throughout the summer.  All tees were aerified once with the 3/8" tines.  All fairways were double aerified with 3/4" tines, and then verticutt and scalped down to .400".  Cypress and King's were double verticut.

      August 16th, 2017
           We completed the verticutting and cleanup on Royal Lake's fairways today and will scalp down the remaining few fairways on Thursday.  We will concentrate on cleaning up the course in preparation for the opening on Monday the 21st.
           The greens on King's Dunes were sprayed with insecticide and growth regulator today.  This should keep the growth at a manageable level during the closure over the next few weeks.  Cypress will be treated with the same products on Thursday.  We are also hand spraying fungicide on any spots of fairyring seen on the putting surfaces.

      August 11th, 2017
           We are well over the half way point with the fairway aerification and verticutting on Royal Lakes. By the end of the weekend we should have holes 1-12 completed.  We are also scalping down the fairways to .400", you can expect to see a lot of brown in the fairways until they begin to recover.  We will keep them at the new height for several weeks before returning to .500".  We made a fungicide application to the greens on Friday to combat the fairyring which has become visible over the past several weeks.  We will continue to closely monitor the affected areas and make follow up treatments as needed.
           On Cypress and Kings we are starting to do more detail work including spraying all landscape beds with roundup and doing a general cleanup in these areas, removing fallen branches and debris.  We will soon begin trimming the fakahatchee grass throughout the landscape in preparation for the spreading of pinestraw mulch in September. 
         The greens on Cypress and Kings were sprayed on Thursday and Friday with growth regulator and insecticide. We have seen more Sodweb worm activity than we would like on Cypress greens.  Knowing that the activity is only going to get worse, will continue to make regular insecticide treatments to all greens through November.

      August 9th,2017
           The Dryject Aerification on Royal Lakes' greens went smooth yesterday and we were done by 1:15pm due to the contractor bringing an additional machine.  This kept the crews hopping in order to keep the units full of sand and once again the staff did a great job.  We will turn our efforts back to the verticutting and cleanup on the fairways for the remainder of the closure.
         The greens on Cypress and King's have received a fungicide treatment which needed to be watered in so you will see a lot of activity on the greens this week.  We are also doing a granular fertilizer application to the greens to take advantage of the water used for the fungicide.  We will also respray all the greens between Thursday and Friday in order to make our weekly growth regulator application which needs to dry on the leaf surface.  We will include an insecticide with this mix to control any web worms or ants on the putting surfaces.
         The bridge work on 9 is now 98% complete with the walking mats the only item left to install.  If we can't get it finished by Friday we will try our best to knock it out on Monday.
          We are starting to see some Fairyring on the putting surfaces which is a soil based disease.  We will be making a full application of fungicide on Royal Lakes' greens later this week and will spot treat the greens on Cypress and King's to help eliminate the disease.
         It looks like our Mole activity is also starting to increase and some are close to or even on the putting surfaces.  We always do our best to track and capture these pests but it always seems one or two get away from us and onto the putting surface.  As always we will make any necessary repairs as they arise.
      Below: Two Dryject Machines working on 2 and 7 of Royal Lakes, along with the crew hauling sand.

      August 2nd, 2017
         With almost 4" of rain on Monday we couldn't take the chance of having play on the courses on Tuesday.  We managed to get some mowing done in the dryer areas and had crews out cleaning all day.  We have kept the restrictions up on Wednesday due to the softness in the fairways.  Any cart tracks left in the lower cut will be seen for months and will effect playability.
         We've started on the greens' and fairway aerification on Royal Lakes and so far everything is going smoothly.  Hopefully the pending rains will hold off until after 3:00pm today so we can get the bulk of the greens completed.  Our dryject is scheduled for next Tuesday August 8th.


  • Photo Update
    • Below:  The top image shows an improperly filled divot with the sand left mounded
      The bottom image shows that same divot properly filled and leveled.
      Leaving the sand mounded not only is unfair for players behind you but
      sand and sharp mowers are never used in the same sentence.
      Sand quickly destroys a quality cut on any mower.

      Below;  We rarely see this animal and to find two young ones out during the day was a real treat.


  • Rain Records
    • Did you know we have up to 7 rain gauges throughout our three golf courses? Five actually control the irrigation system and the other two are used for quick reference at our maintenance facilities. Click here to see our daily rain totals. 

      Note: This will redirect you to a Google Docs file. To return you may need to use the back button on your browser.
  • Pin Sheets
    •   In order to optimize the GPS system on the golf carts we utilize a 3 zone system consisting of front, middle and back.  Our setup staff also moves the tee markers to correspond with the zone location, for example; if the zone is in the front of the green tee markers will be setup behind the yardage stones on each of the tees.  Of course for the most accurate yardage, readings can be obtained by using the reflectors secured to the top of every flagpole with your personal range finder.   Below are copies of the pin-sheets, please feel free to copy, paste and print these sheets for your personal use, copies are also available through the pro shops.

  • 2017 Maintenance Schedule


      Summer Closing and Maintenance Schedule

      Updated 8/11/17



      Feb 12th-13th                 King’s Spring Fertilizer Closed


      Feb 21st-22nd      Royal Lakes Spring Fertilizer Closed


      March 5th-6th            Cypress Spring Fertilizer  Closed


      April 9th-12th                   King’s ¼” Aerification  Closed


      May 7th- May 21st   Cypress Aerification 5/8   Closed


      May 22st June 10th        Royal Aerification 5/8   Closed


      June 11th July 1st       King’s Aerification 5/8”   Closed


      July 9th-30th              Cypress Aerification 3/8”   Closed

      July 16th-30th                               Clubhouse Shutdown


      July 31st –Aug 19th         Royal Aerification 3/8”   Closed


      Aug 20th- Sept 9th         Kings Aerification 3/8”   Closed


      Sept 17th – 21st       Royal Fertilizer Application  Closed


      Sept 24th-28th    Cypress Fertilizer Application  Closed


      Oct 29th   Pigment Applications to all Fairways Begins Open

  • Project List
      • Remove grasses along the cart path on #8 tee of KD and replace with rip rap to better hold the slope
      • Repair drainage basins as needed in the fairways on Cypress and King's, raise and level
      • Add Irrigation to the south side of the canal on #2 of Cypress and landscape area
      • Cut back pepper trees growing along the woods-line on 18 of Cypress and East side of the Driving Range
      • Add more Fakahatchee grass in front of the small lake on 18 of Cypress Links
      • Continue forward tee additions on King's Dunes.
      • Sod area where the Oak tree was on #4 of King's Dunes
      • Create more short grass to hit from around the Pitching Green
      • Remove Pines and replant with Palms left of #1 tee on Cypress Links
      • Rebuild the bunker face on the larger Chipping Green bunker at the CCW range.
      • Clean up the area between 4 and 5 on King's, remove fallen trees and most of the Palms
      • Pine-Straw, grass or landscape the old pro shop area at CCE