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           Week of June 26th;
                 This week we'll be playing catch up from the thunderstorm interruptions over the past several weeks.  We still have a lot of cleanup to perform on King's Dunes which we hope to have done by the middle of the week.  We will do another verticut and topdress on Cypress Greens if the weather holds for Monday.

      Current Updates

      June 26th,2017
         We managed to get the verticutting completed and the greens topdressed on Cypress Links on Monday.  We are continuing the clean up of clippings from the fairway verticutting performed on King's Dunes over the closure and we are scalping down the fairways.  We may lower the fairways one more time late next week or during the clubhouse closure then allow them to grow back to the normal mowing heights.
      June 19th, 2017
         Well the weather didn't cooperate very well with us on Monday stopping us short of getting several projects completed including the verticutting and topdressing of the greens on Cypress Links.  We will need to complete this early Tuesday morning so some of the greens will be a little sandy on Cypress Links.  We managed to aerify 15 and 16 of King's Dunes and do a little fairway verticutting but not much of anything else.  We will go hard at it again on Tuesday at least until the weather puts a stop to our operation.

      June 16th, 2017
         All greens on King's Dunes received the DryJect aerification on Thursday.  The rains held up the operation for a short period but once there was a break in the clouds we were able to complete the last few greens.  We should feel the greens firm up from this process in about 10 to 14 days.  We still have one DryJect application scheduled for each course in July and August.

      June 14th, 2017
          The weather continues to give us a little break which is allowing us to complete some of the projects on King's.  As of today we've aerified greens on holes 1-14 and should have all of them topdressed by the end of the day.  We have the DryJect scheduled on Thursday morning so we will not be able to finish the core aerification on 15-18 until Monday June 19th.
         The tee aerification is going smoothly and we should have all tees completed by early Friday morning.  We've aerified fairways on holes 1-9 and verticut holes 1-6.  Cleanup has begun but this is the part that will take the longest as the material needs to be blown off the fairways and the bulk of it removed with the remainder being chopped up by our rough mowers. 

      June 12th, 2017
         The rains held off for the day and we were very thankful.  We managed to aerify greens 6 through 10, and push all the plugs from the putting surface.  Holes 6,7 and 8 were then topdressed by hand.  We also sprayed the tee complexes on King's with growth regulator and grub control.  The same mix was sprayed on Cypress and Royal fairways with holes 1-7 and 1-12 completed respectively.  The Fairway aerification on Kings was also started with holes 1 and 2 completed.  We will begin the verticutting process first thing Tuesday morning.
           We're trying something a little different this summer with our rough mowing.  In the past we would start on hole #1 and mow everything before moving to the next hole.  This means members would play some holes that were mowed and others that were not, creating different playing conditions throughout the course.  Starting last week our mowers, on Mondays, will concentrate on the first 20 to 30 feet of rough around the fairways and greens getting all 18 holes completed in one day.  This gives players a little more forgiveness if the shots are hit just off the fairways.  We will then come back and complete the remainder of the rough throughout the week.  An added benefit is that the mowers will be working in the outer areas of the holes and will not interfere with play as much as previously seen.
      The photo below shows and example of how the course looks after Mowing out the course using this new method.

      June 10th, 2017
         We were pretty much washed out during the week so we just didn't get anywhere near our goals this week.  We did manage to get all turf areas mowed which was a pleasant surprise.  We aerified 1 through 5 greens and topdressed them on Friday and Saturday. We sprayed all the fairways on King's Dunes with growth regulator and grub control but with the daily rains we may have some fairways where the growth regulator was washed off the plant.  The grub control will work great even after a little rain so it was still worth our effort to spray.

      June 5th, 2017
          We tried to get started on our aerification but the weather just didn't cooperate.  Our aerification will be push back several days due to the rains and lost time they've caused.  We will need to concentrate on mowing the courses that are not open and getting them playable before we start our aerification process.  We'll do our best to keep you updated.

      June 2nd, 2017
           As I'm sure everyone is aware we could use some rain.  We have areas throughout the courses that are extremely dry but will recover quickly with some additional rainfall.  Some of these areas are just hot spots that dry up quickly without rainfall others such as 9 on King's Dunes were irrigation control issues that we failed to catch in a timely manor.  Looking at the radar now we are hopeful that some of the moisture in the Gulf will head our way.
         With the short week we still managed to complete most of our goals, here's a quick rundown.  All greens were sprayed with nutrients and growth regulator, the tee complexes on Cypress were sprayed with growth regulator and grub control, we completed a wall to wall fertilizer application on Royal Lakes using a 15-0-15 blend, the range tees at CCW were all fertilized and weeds were spot sprayed, the bunker faces on King's Dunes were sprayed with growth regulator and lastly a small drain was installed on #10 fairway of Cypress Links. 

      May 24th, 2017
           Our aerification on Royal has been progressing well this week.  We have completed all putting surfaces with the 5/8" core aerification and all have been hand topdressed.  The fairways have received a double slice aerification and are currently being mowed to smooth out the turf.  This will allow water and air to penetrate the canopy and enter the root-zone for healthier more uniform turf.  We are now gearing up for the scheduled DryJect aerification on Thursday, weather permitting.  We'll finish off the week with a fertilizer and fungicide application to all putting surfaces.
           On the west courses we are continuing several projects including; replacement of the irrigation control box on #10 of King's Dunes due to lightning damage, removing the damaged cartpath on #10 Kings, adding drains on #15 of Kings, Flymowing bunkers on Kings, edging bunkers on Cypress and mowing roughs and fairways on both courses.

      May 22nd, 2017
          Be careful what you wish for!  We wanted rain but with it often comes with lightning.  During Sunday night's storm we took a lightning strike on #10 of King's Dunes.  This strike hit a pine tree next to the cart path and followed a root under the path which then caused the concrete path to explode, a good example of just how powerful lightning can be.  We have the area blocked off for now and will remove the broken path on Tuesday.  For now we will replace the concrete with some shell material in order to get it operational again.  We will replace the concrete during one of the closures this summer.

      May 18th, 2017
          Our last Chipco Choice application has been completed on Royal Lakes!!  This process took much longer than anticipated and thankfully the contractor had Wednesday free and could stay a third day to complete the last few holes and the driving range.  Only the playing areas on all three courses were treated with this product, all Bahiagrass areas will be treated for Fire Ants in early Summer using Advion Fire Ant Bait.
         The aerification on Royal is going smoothly, all tees have been completed and we are on schedule to have 1-15 greens completed by the end of today.  The remaining greens will be completed on Monday.  All tees have been aerified as of Wednesday with only a little cleanup left on the last few.  Fairway slicing is going smoothly and should be completed by this Friday.  We'll keep the slicer in operation through next week over high traffic areas and areas where water  penetration has been a problem.  So far we are right on schedule for our Dryject aerification scheduled for late next week.    

      May 15th, 2017
         The aerification process has begun on Royal Lakes with 6 holes completed by the end of the day.  We should have 2 to 3 greens topdressed by quitting time, we will pick up the plug piles on Tuesday morning which is the one process that can be completed when the turf is wet.  The chipco choice application has begun with a goal of getting 9 holes done today and 9 plus the range completed by end of day on Tuesday.  Although most of our efforts are on Royal Lakes today we still have many other operations going on at CCW.  Verticutting and topdressing on King's Dunes greens has been completed, Rough and Fairways are getting mowed on Cypress Links.   Bunker faces on Cypress Links are getting their second treatment of growth regulator and all greens on Cypress are getting hand mowed in the afternoon when dry.

      May 9th, 2017
         Our Aerification efforts continue this week on Cypress Links with greens 12,13,and 14 completed on Monday.  The tee aerification is continuing smoothly as well with over half the course completed.  The greens on King's Dunes were lightly verticut and lightly topdressed on Monday.  The greens were then fertilized using a slow release 14-2-14 blend at a rate of aprox .5 lbs nitrogen per 1000sqft.

      May 6th, 2017
         The aerification went as expected this week with holes 1-11 on Cypress Links completed.  We should be able to complete the remaining holes by Wednesday May 10th just in time for the scheduled DryJect aerification set for May 11th.  When we reopen on the 15th the greens will still be in recovery but should be playable.  Give the greens about another two weeks before they get back to normal playing conditions.  We put together a little video of the entire in house aerification process just to give you a little better idea of the work involved.  Please click Here For Video:

      May 4th, 2017
          As expected the aerification process is slow but progressing well.  By the end of the day we will have the practice green and holes 1-11 completed.  The sanding process is taking the longest due to the labor involved and the fact that the greens need to be perfectly dry before we can even begin the topdressing process.  As it stands now we are averaging 3 greens per day.  Seeing that we are only punching a few greens per day we thought we would take advantage of the down time and move the machines to the tees.  Starting this morning we will begin punching holes in the tees with our goal of having them completed by next Wednesday.  Our Chipco Choice insecticide application started yesterday and we completed our goal of holes 1-9, 10-18 will be completed today once the turf dries.  This product gives us season long control of mole crickets and fire ants in all treated areas.  The outer Bahia areas are not treated with this product but they do receive a fire ant bait twice per year to help keep them free of these sometimes dangerous pest.

      May 1st, 2017
         We've already started our aerification efforts this morning, our goal is to get P2 (the main putting green) and holes 1-6 aerified and at least P2 and holes 1-4 cleaned and topdressed today.  We don't want to get the aerifiers too far ahead of the cleanup and topdressing crews in order to keep the holes fresh and open to accept the topdressing sand.  Below are photos from P2 ( the main putting green), you can hardly tell there's a green under the plugs once the entire surface has been aerified.  The last photo show how nice the rooting is as the roots extend over 2 inches deep which is exactly what we like to see during this process.

      April 25th, 2017
          The greens on King's received a moderate to light topdressing yesterday with Cypress greens receiving a light verticut and a very light topdressing.  It took every bit of the workday to complete the topdressing on both courses and unthankfully we were never interrupted by expected rainfall.  Both Cypress and King's greens are growing a little more than usual due to higher nutrient inputs over the past two weeks.  We will start holding back nutrients and spraying additional growth regulators on King's Dunes in order to get them back to optimum levels for the health of the greens and for ball speed.  Royal's nutrient levels will remain as is until we get closer to the aerification in late May at which time we will increase fertility.
          We started our second application of growth regulator on the bunker faces of Cypress Links on Monday and will continue working on them throughout the week until fully completed.  We also included a booster application of weed preventer which should provide good control through June.
          Our Irrigation tech was busy on Monday inspecting any dry areas on Cypress Links to determine if a malfunction is causing the issue or just the fact that we are making adjustments (decreasing) some of the run times to conserve water during this extended drought.  We will continue these inspections on all 3 courses for the next several months.

      April 19th, 2017
           So far we've had a productive week and we managed to receive a little rain late Tuesday afternoon, .23".  The greens on Cypress were lightly verticut and lightly topdressed on Monday.  The greens on King's were also topdressed to finish off the aerification from last week.  King's greens received a fertilizer application using a 0-0-13 blend on Tuesday while Cypress received a 13-0-26 blend on Wednesday.  Both Cypress and King's will receive a spray application of wetting agents and nutrients on Thursday and Friday respectively.  Royal will receive similar applications either Thursday or Friday.  We continue to monitor moisture levels and continue our irrigation checks daily to make sure all sprinklers are operating properly and to adjust run times accordingly.  We do allow some areas to get drier than others in order to conserve water during these prolonged dry spells.  Once the rains return the turf will recover quickly, especially in the outlaying Bahiagrass areas where there is little to no irrigation.

      April 17th, 2017
         Is this a disease called Fertipocks (see photo below) on our Cypress Links Greens?  I guess you could call it that but it's not a disease.  These dark green spots on the edges of the putting surface are from a fertilizer prill landing on the green and releasing nutrients.  This was done about a week ago when our staff finished up the cut-ins around the greens and bunkers with hand spreaders.  We shouldn't have gotten any prills on the putting surfaces but as with any project things don't always go as planned.  One thing this mistake does show us is just how hungry we've been keeping the greens in order to keep ball speeds in the desired range.  We give the greens just enough fertilizer each week to keep them alive and healthy but not vigorously growing.  Once we get closer to our larger 5/8" aerification dates we'll pump the greens up with fertilizer in order to speed their recovery.  It's always a balancing act to keep good growth and maintain acceptable ball speeds on the putting surfaces.

      April 11th, 2017
         With our first major golf maintenance event day behind us for 2017 we can say we are off to a good start.  The greens on King's Dunes received a deep verticutting, mowing then a heavy topdressing on Monday.  This was followed by a 1/4" core aerification, the cores were allowed to dry before they were broken up with a drag-mat.  We had 2 greens left to complete on Tuesday morning and we will begin blowing off any excess debris from the putting surfaces on Tuesday afternoon.  We'll follow up with a roll on Wednesday and the greens will easily be ready for play on Thursday.  We can expect to see the holes from the aerification for the next 7 to 10 days.  We will follow up with another light topdressing on the 17th which will smooth out the putting surfaces completing this round of aerification.
           Some may ask why we do this 1/4" aerification so early as compared to the productive 5/8" aerifications we do in the summer months.  Early April is the perfect time for aerification on the putting surfaces in order to give them relief from the heavy traffic seen throughout the season.  With three golf courses we simply can't do all three within the perfect aerification time frame, nor would we want to.  We do this quick relief aerification to King's Dunes now so these greens will perform well in May while we do the more aggressive aerification to the other two courses.  Without this 1/4" aerification King's would have to wait until mid June before receiving it's first 5/8" aerification and that is just too long to wait.  We realize this is a minor inconvenience at the end of the golfing season but we want to make sure we have great conditions on at least one course as we move through the summer months and this will help us achieve that goal.
        Our other big project this week was the contracted application of Chipco Choice to all turf on King's Dunes.  These machines place granular insecticide 1/2 to 3/4" into the thatch of the turf where it will give us 12 months control on mole crickets and fire ants.  The evidence of this application will be seen for several weeks as thin line in the turf 1 to 2" apart.  Once we see a little more growth on the turf these lines will dissipate, they should not affect the playability of the golf course.  Other projects throughout the property on Monday include the fertilization of bunker faces, pre-emergent herbicide applications to the roughs on Cypress Links and planting additional cordgrass along the lake on #4 of Royal Lakes.

      April 5th, 2017
         We have our fingers crossed that we may get more rain on Thursday morning, we've order .60" but delivery has been a problem lately.  It's not often we see rain first thing in the morning but now it looks as if we may see that situation two weeks in a row.  We need everyone to keep in mind that our staff still needs time to get the courses ready for play and we can't work in the pouring rain so once the rain stops that doesn't mean the courses are open and ready for paly.  We will ask the proshop to hold players back for about 45 min to 1 hour in order for the maintenance staff to get out ahead of the players.  This insures that the playing conditions are at the level we would expect on a daily basis.
      We ran across these gators yesterday and thought we would share this video, this was taken near 8 tee on Cypress Links

      April 3rd, 2017
        We were having a great day getting the greens on Cypress Links verticut and topdressed, that was until we hit #14 this afternoon.  We always do our best to avoid any equipment issues but this time a hydraulic hose decided to burst as the unit was mowing across the 14th green.  We reacted quickly removing any excess oil then using a soap agent to wash the surface as clean as possible.  We can expect to see damage from this leak for 2 to 3 weeks but shouldn't see any long term damage from the oil.  This one isn't quite big enough to cause us to remove the affected area and resod so we'll just let the green recover on its own with some encouragement from additional fertilizer.  We should see little affect on the putting conditions as the turf recovers, besides a prominent brown streak across the green.
          We also continued our second application of pre-emergent herbicide today on and around the tees on King's Dunes, we will be moving on to the roughs on both courses starting later this week with Royal starting next week.  Bunkers on Cypress were flymowed and edged today but as usual there was no way to complete all of them in a 9 hour day so we will finish throughout the week as time permits.

      March 27th, 2017
          We are starting to see some normal growth on the putting surfaces now so speed will tend to slow down a little.  Of course we will do everything we can to keep speeds at the top end of our target range.  The greens on Cypress and King's were all sprayed today with a growth regulator and insecticide.  We use a growing degree day model to determine when our consecutive growth regulator applications need to be made.  The company that manufactures the chemical created an application which will email us when we approach our target growing degree day of 200.  If we haven't made an application by then we make sure it gets applied within the next 24 hours.  This helps to prevent growing peaks between the applications and keeps the putting surfaces more consistent.  Just for an example, in the summer we could easily be making an application every 4 days but in the winter they can be up to 14 days apart. 
         The tees and surrounding roughs on Cypress Links received the second of 2 pre-emergent herbicide applications today and the range floor received a post weed control application. All bunkers on King's Dunes were flymowed but this will be the only mowing of the roughs on Cypress and King's this week due to golf events.  

      March 24th, 2017
          As the night time temperatures start to climb the greens will begin to grow and putting speeds will slow down a little.  Greens on all 3 courses received a spray application of a nematicide and wetting agent this week.  Cypress and King's also received a light fertilizer application using our regular blend of 13-0-26, we had spreader malfunctions on Royal so they will be completed next week.  Royal Lakes greens were all lightly verticut and topdressed on Thursday.  With the growing season upon us we will begin to get more aggressive with the verticutting and heavier with the topdressing starting on April 3rd if all goes as planned.

      March 21st, 2017
          With the first day of Spring already past we can expect to see a few pests on the golf courses.  The first of which will be the Mole Crickets, this time of year they start flying in order to mate.  Many times they land on the putting surfaces and can't quite dig through the dense canopy until they make it to the collars.  Our staff starts carrying what we refer to as Cricket Juice, a mixture of soap and a mild insecticide used to soak the crickets from their burrows around the putting surfaces.  We also start carrying a bait for any areas where the mole cricket population is high enough to do serious damage in the fairways and tees.  We already have our annual insecticide applications booked during our summer maintenance closures to make sure the playing surfaces are protected from this burrowing pest.  A side benefit is that it will also control Fire Ants for up to 12 months from the application.
         Our Monday was a little less productive due to an event on King's but we still managed to complete some tasks.  The greens on Cypress Links were lightly verticut and fertilized.  The clubhouse yards received an application of weed preventer and fertilizer.  We started edging the green bunkers on Cypress Links as well as mowing all green bunker slopes. Several smaller projects were completed including sprinkler repairs, mowing Cypress fairways and starting to mow roughs on King's.
          We had a concerned member call us on Monday about one of our staff members moving some Sandhill cranes away from one of the greens on the golf course.  First off, I want everyone to know we love our wildlife and would never do anything to harm any of them.  There are times when some wildlife including Sandhill Cranes can do significant damage to the putting surfaces.  These birds form a habit of digging up the same green on a daily basis and until this habit is broken it will continue.  In order to break the cycle we will often monitor the area to see just when the cranes are attacking the green and move them away from the putting surfaces, we assure you at no time are these birds in danger.  Yesterday's incident could have been handled a little differently by our staff due to the fact that there were juvenile cranes with the adults, in which case they should have been moved off the course by walking behind them.  We always try our best to balance between protecting the courses and protecting the wildlife that thrive around them. 

      March 13th, 2017
           Every now and then the irrigation on King's Dunes holes 1-9 can have some communication issues and if the weather conditions are just right we can get fairly dry in areas.  This happened over the weekend on several holes the worst of which was #9.  These irrigation boxes communicate back to the central computer via radio, all other boxes communicate directly back via under ground wire.  There are numerous issues that can cause faulty communications with the radio system and even thought we try to keep a close eye on them we still have times where the turf can get dry.  Thankfully the storms on Monday night re-hydrated the soil and the turf should green up quickly. 

      March 7th, 2017
          With such great weather lately it's hard not to have a productive Monday.  Yesterday our main goal was the fertilizer application on Cypress Links.  We managed to complete holes 1-12 and will finish the remaining holes today.  All greens on Cypress and King's were lightly verticut and all greens on King's Dunes were lightly topdressed.  We will topdress Cypress Links greens this morning ahead of the pencil tine aerification.  The bunkers on King's Dunes received a Fly-mowing yesterday followed by an application of pre-emergent herbicide and growth regulator.  We also started to resand the large green bunker on #4 of Cypress Links, we will continue our efforts today but with the size of this bunker it may take the remainder of the week to complete. 
          Today we are making a fertilizer application to the greens on King's Dunes using a 0-0-13 blend, we will also spray all greens this week with additional nutrients.  Cypress and Royal will receive the same granular application later in the week.

      March 1st, 2017
          Our main concentration this week has been getting ready for the Men's Invitational.  Greens have been sprayed repeatedly with growth regulator between late last week and early this week to combat the warm temperatures we've seen in the past 10 days.  They have also been mowed and rolled every day since Monday and Cypress will receive a double roll the first day of the event.  General cleanup work has been underway since Monday but the oak trees didn't get the memo and continue to drop leaves everywhere.  We have continued our landscape work at tennis and have started to replant areas of the entrance, we still have a good months worth of work to do and that's if the weather continues to cooperate.

      February 21st, 2017
          We were very productive on Cypress and Kings on Monday.  The remaining fertilizer application to King's Dunes holes 10-16 was completed leaving just enough product to work any cut in areas with the hand spreaders.  The green bunker faces on Cypress Links holes 1-13 were sprayed with growth regulator and pre-emergent herbicide.  All the greens at CCW were lightly verticut, mowed and topdressed which was a great accomplishment for our staff.  We put together a little video to show the work performed yesterday.    A Productive Monday

      February 15th, 2017
          We're off to a slow start this week due to events and schedule changes.  We've managed to get holes 1-9 of King's Dunes fertilized on Monday which is 50% of our original goal for this week.  We will attempt to fertilize the remaining holes next Monday but my need to postpone a greens topdressing in order to do so, changes in the maintenance schedule usually don't work out for the better when it comes to golf course maintenance.  All greens will be receiving a spray application of fungicide and growth regulator this week starting with King's Dunes today.  The roughs on King's have been sprayed on Monday and Tuesday with pre-emergent herbicide which completes the first round application of this product on all 3 courses.  We will begin the 2nd application to the roughs in 60 days and the fairways in 90 days.  Our irrigation and drainage efforts continue at the tennis facility with 80% of the drainage work  and 50% of the irrigation completed.  It shouldn't be long before we begin replanting in areas where the irrigation is now up and running.  We have also been working on several of the wetlands that were recently trimmed on Cypress and King's, spraying out the cat-tails and primrose in order to keep them from overgrowing too quickly and to eradicate these invasive weeds.

      February 8th, 2017
           The application of "Specticle" a pre emergent herbicide is continuing on Cypress Links and Royal Lakes this week.  The speed of the greens on all three courses have slowed slightly with the combination of the warmer weather early in the week, the lack of growth regulator due to last week's Fairy Ring fungicide application and the fertilizer applications made late last week.  We should see speeds back to normal by Friday with cooler weather expected and new applications of growth regulator being applied to the greens today and tomorrow.  We are working on the green bunker on #17 of Cypress Links this week.  We began with securing the cloth on the slopes and edging the bunker and are now adding sand to the bunker face. 
          The golf committee asked if we could trim back some of the larger tree limbs at the dogleg on King's Dunes #9.  We brought out a tree company with a bucket truck on Monday to trim these rather large branches, this will give players who are close to or in the bunker a more playable shot to the green rather than forcing them to hit a lay up shot.  We are also working along the woods on #8 of King's removing any pepper trees that have grown over the past year.

      Fall 2016 USGA Site Visit Report,  CLICK HERE


  • Photo Update

    • Below: These two deer were seen on #1 of Cypress Links just as we
      were getting started with the DryJect Aerification.


      Below:  DryJect aerification begins on #1 of Cypress Links.

      Below: This hawk was seen hunting on the short course moving from flag to flag
      as he watched for insects on the ground.

      Below:  The drought this year has taken it's toll on lake levels.  This small lake
      on #11 of King's Dunes is almost dry.  It makes for easy fishing for the surrounding



  • Rain Records
    • Did you know we have up to 7 rain gauges throughout our three golf courses? Five actually control the irrigation system and the other two are used for quick reference at our maintenance facilities. Click here to see our daily rain totals. 

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  • Pin Sheets
    •   In order to optimize the GPS system on the golf carts we utilize a 3 zone system consisting of front, middle and back.  Our setup staff also moves the tee markers to correspond with the zone location, for example; if the zone is in the front of the green tee markers will be setup behind the yardage stones on each of the tees.  Of course for the most accurate yardage, readings can be obtained by using the reflectors secured to the top of every flagpole with your personal range finder.   Below are copies of the pin-sheets, please feel free to copy, paste and print these sheets for your personal use, copies are also available through the pro shops.

  • 2015 Maintenance Schedule
    • 2015
      Summer Closing and Maintenance Schedule
      Updated 1-12-15

      Feb 18th-19th Royal Lakes Spring Fertilizer Closed

      March 9th-10th Cypress Spring Fertilizer Closed

      March 23rd-25th King’s ¼” Aerification Closed

      March 23rd-25th King’s Spring Fertilizer Closed

      April 20th-May 4th Cypress Aerification 5/8 2X Closed

      April 20th-21rd Cypress Chipco Choice Closed

      May 5th-17th Royal Aerification 5/8 1X Closed

      May 6th -7th Royal Chipco Choice App Closed

      May 18th – June 5th King’s Aerification 5/8” 2X Closed

      May 20th – 21th King’s Chipco Choice App Closed

      June 15th-July 3rd Cypress Aerification 5/8” 2X Closed

      July 27th- Aug 14th Royal Aerification 5/8” 1X Closed

      Aug 17th- Sept 4th Kings Aerification 5/8” 2X Closed

      Sept 7th – 11th Royal pre-emergent Herbicide App Closed

      Sept 7th- 11th Royal Fall Fertilizer App Closed

      Sept 14th – 18th Cypress Pre-emergent Herbicide App Closed

      Sept 14th – 18th Cypress Fall Fertilizer App Closed

      Sept 14th- 18th Cypress Aerification 1/4" 1X Closed

      Sept 28th – Oct 2nd King’s Pre-emergent App Closed

      Sept 28th- 30th King’s Fall Fertilizer App Closed

      Nov 1st Pigment Applications to all Fairways Begin Open

  • 2016 Maintenance Schedule
    • 2017

      Summer Closing and Maintenance Schedule

      Updated 2/21/2017



      Feb 13th-14th        King’s Spring Fertilizer Closed      


      Feb 15th-16th    Royal Lakes Spring Fertilizer Closed


      March 6th-7th      Cypress Spring Fertilizer  Closed    


      April 10th-12th      King’s ¼” Aerification  Closed       


      April 10th-11th      King’s Chipco Choice App.           


      May 1st-14th       Cypress Aerification 5/8 2X  Closed


      May 3rd&4th          Cypress Chipco Choice  Closed    


      May 11th         Cypress DryJect Aerification  Closed


      May  15th-28th      Royal Aerification 5/8 1X  Closed


      May 15th -16th      Royal Chipco Choice App  Closed


      May 25th              Royal Lakes DryJect Aerification    


      June 5th -25th       King’s Aerification 5/8” 2X  Closed


      June 15th             King’s DryJect Aerification              


      July 10th-30th       Cypress Aerification 5/8” 2X  Closed


      July 20th               Cypress DryJect Aerification           


      August 1st-13th      Royal Aerification 5/8” 1X  Closed


      August 7th          Royal DryJect Aerification              


      Aug 14th- 31st      Kings Aerification 5/8” 2X  Closed


      August 21st         King’s DryJect Aerification             


      Sept 11-15th      Royal Fertilizer Application  Closed


      Sept 18th-22nd    King’s Fertilizer Application Closed


      Sept 25th-29th    Cypress Fertilizer Application  Closed


      Oct 30th   Pigment Applications to all Fairways Begins Open

  • Project List
      • Remove grasses along the cart path on #8 tee of KD and replace with rip rap to better hold the slope
      • Repair drainage basins as needed in the fairways on Cypress and King's, raise and level
      • Add drainage in the low Bahia area left of #4 fairway on Cypress Links
      • Add Irrigation to the south side of the canal on #2 of Cypress and landscape area
      • Cut back pepper trees growing along the woods-line on 18 of Cypress
      • Add more Fakahatchee grass along some of the lakes where turf is difficult to grow.
      • Repair / resurface bridge on #9 of Cypress Links.
      • Replace some of the poor performing trees on Royal Lakes with Mags.
      • Renovate the irrigation, drainage and landscape at tennis.
      • Work on landscape around the maintenance facility and install a new nursery green within the facility.