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           Week of March 27th, 2017
                  This is a week of tournaments we will avoid interfering with each of the events so we don't have too much in the way of maintenance scheduled this week.  We'll keep you posted with the Current Updates as we progress through the week and work on what time and the events allow.

      Current Updates

      March 27th, 2017
          We are starting to see some normal growth on the putting surfaces now so speed will tend to slow down a little.  Of course we will do everything we can to keep speeds at the top end of our target range.  The greens on Cypress and King's were all sprayed today with a growth regulator and insecticide.  We use a growing degree day model to determine when our consecutive growth regulator applications need to be made.  The company that manufactures the chemical created an application which will email us when we approach our target growing degree day of 200.  If we haven't made an application by then we make sure it gets applied within the next 24 hours.  This helps to prevent growing peaks between the applications and keeps the putting surfaces more consistent.  Just for an example, in the summer we could easily be making an application every 4 days but in the winter they can be up to 14 days apart. 
         The tees and surrounding roughs on Cypress Links received the second of 2 pre-emergent herbicide applications today and the range floor received a post weed control application. All bunkers on King's Dunes were flymowed but this will be the only mowing of the roughs on Cypress and King's this week due to golf events.  

      March 24th, 2017
          As the night time temperatures start to climb the greens will begin to grow and putting speeds will slow down a little.  Greens on all 3 courses received a spray application of a nematicide and wetting agent this week.  Cypress and King's also received a light fertilizer application using our regular blend of 13-0-26, we had spreader malfunctions on Royal so they will be completed next week.  Royal Lakes greens were all lightly verticut and topdressed on Thursday.  With the growing season upon us we will begin to get more aggressive with the verticutting and heavier with the topdressing starting on April 3rd if all goes as planned.

      March 21st, 2017
          With the first day of Spring already past we can expect to see a few pests on the golf courses.  The first of which will be the Mole Crickets, this time of year they start flying in order to mate.  Many times they land on the putting surfaces and can't quite dig through the dense canopy until they make it to the collars.  Our staff starts carrying what we refer to as Cricket Juice, a mixture of soap and a mild insecticide used to soak the crickets from their burrows around the putting surfaces.  We also start carrying a bait for any areas where the mole cricket population is high enough to do serious damage in the fairways and tees.  We already have our annual insecticide applications booked during our summer maintenance closures to make sure the playing surfaces are protected from this burrowing pest.  A side benefit is that it will also control Fire Ants for up to 12 months from the application.
         Our Monday was a little less productive due to an event on King's but we still managed to complete some tasks.  The greens on Cypress Links were lightly verticut and fertilized.  The clubhouse yards received an application of weed preventer and fertilizer.  We started edging the green bunkers on Cypress Links as well as mowing all green bunker slopes. Several smaller projects were completed including sprinkler repairs, mowing Cypress fairways and starting to mow roughs on King's.
          We had a concerned member call us on Monday about one of our staff members moving some Sandhill cranes away from one of the greens on the golf course.  First off, I want everyone to know we love our wildlife and would never do anything to harm any of them.  There are times when some wildlife including Sandhill Cranes can do significant damage to the putting surfaces.  These birds form a habit of digging up the same green on a daily basis and until this habit is broken it will continue.  In order to break the cycle we will often monitor the area to see just when the cranes are attacking the green and move them away from the putting surfaces, we assure you at no time are these birds in danger.  Yesterday's incident could have been handled a little differently by our staff due to the fact that there were juvenile cranes with the adults, in which case they should have been moved off the course by walking behind them.  We always try our best to balance between protecting the courses and protecting the wildlife that thrive around them. 

      March 13th, 2017
           Every now and then the irrigation on King's Dunes holes 1-9 can have some communication issues and if the weather conditions are just right we can get fairly dry in areas.  This happened over the weekend on several holes the worst of which was #9.  These irrigation boxes communicate back to the central computer via radio, all other boxes communicate directly back via under ground wire.  There are numerous issues that can cause faulty communications with the radio system and even thought we try to keep a close eye on them we still have times where the turf can get dry.  Thankfully the storms on Monday night re-hydrated the soil and the turf should green up quickly. 

      March 7th, 2017
          With such great weather lately it's hard not to have a productive Monday.  Yesterday our main goal was the fertilizer application on Cypress Links.  We managed to complete holes 1-12 and will finish the remaining holes today.  All greens on Cypress and King's were lightly verticut and all greens on King's Dunes were lightly topdressed.  We will topdress Cypress Links greens this morning ahead of the pencil tine aerification.  The bunkers on King's Dunes received a Fly-mowing yesterday followed by an application of pre-emergent herbicide and growth regulator.  We also started to resand the large green bunker on #4 of Cypress Links, we will continue our efforts today but with the size of this bunker it may take the remainder of the week to complete. 
          Today we are making a fertilizer application to the greens on King's Dunes using a 0-0-13 blend, we will also spray all greens this week with additional nutrients.  Cypress and Royal will receive the same granular application later in the week.

      March 1st, 2017
          Our main concentration this week has been getting ready for the Men's Invitational.  Greens have been sprayed repeatedly with growth regulator between late last week and early this week to combat the warm temperatures we've seen in the past 10 days.  They have also been mowed and rolled every day since Monday and Cypress will receive a double roll the first day of the event.  General cleanup work has been underway since Monday but the oak trees didn't get the memo and continue to drop leaves everywhere.  We have continued our landscape work at tennis and have started to replant areas of the entrance, we still have a good months worth of work to do and that's if the weather continues to cooperate.

      February 21st, 2017
          We were very productive on Cypress and Kings on Monday.  The remaining fertilizer application to King's Dunes holes 10-16 was completed leaving just enough product to work any cut in areas with the hand spreaders.  The green bunker faces on Cypress Links holes 1-13 were sprayed with growth regulator and pre-emergent herbicide.  All the greens at CCW were lightly verticut, mowed and topdressed which was a great accomplishment for our staff.  We put together a little video to show the work performed yesterday.    A Productive Monday

      February 15th, 2017
          We're off to a slow start this week due to events and schedule changes.  We've managed to get holes 1-9 of King's Dunes fertilized on Monday which is 50% of our original goal for this week.  We will attempt to fertilize the remaining holes next Monday but my need to postpone a greens topdressing in order to do so, changes in the maintenance schedule usually don't work out for the better when it comes to golf course maintenance.  All greens will be receiving a spray application of fungicide and growth regulator this week starting with King's Dunes today.  The roughs on King's have been sprayed on Monday and Tuesday with pre-emergent herbicide which completes the first round application of this product on all 3 courses.  We will begin the 2nd application to the roughs in 60 days and the fairways in 90 days.  Our irrigation and drainage efforts continue at the tennis facility with 80% of the drainage work  and 50% of the irrigation completed.  It shouldn't be long before we begin replanting in areas where the irrigation is now up and running.  We have also been working on several of the wetlands that were recently trimmed on Cypress and King's, spraying out the cat-tails and primrose in order to keep them from overgrowing too quickly and to eradicate these invasive weeds.

      February 8th, 2017
           The application of "Specticle" a pre emergent herbicide is continuing on Cypress Links and Royal Lakes this week.  The speed of the greens on all three courses have slowed slightly with the combination of the warmer weather early in the week, the lack of growth regulator due to last week's Fairy Ring fungicide application and the fertilizer applications made late last week.  We should see speeds back to normal by Friday with cooler weather expected and new applications of growth regulator being applied to the greens today and tomorrow.  We are working on the green bunker on #17 of Cypress Links this week.  We began with securing the cloth on the slopes and edging the bunker and are now adding sand to the bunker face. 
          The golf committee asked if we could trim back some of the larger tree limbs at the dogleg on King's Dunes #9.  We brought out a tree company with a bucket truck on Monday to trim these rather large branches, this will give players who are close to or in the bunker a more playable shot to the green rather than forcing them to hit a lay up shot.  We are also working along the woods on #8 of King's removing any pepper trees that have grown over the past year.
      Below: King's Dunes #9  Just getting started on the trimming.

      Below: After trimming and before cleanup began.

      January 31st, 2017
          Can't get much better than this with a nice .25" of rain over the weekend and now sunny skies with cool dry temperatures.  The grass may not be growing much but the green speeds surely have increased.  When the night time temperatures get into the low 50's or below the grass on the putting surfaces tends to shut down which in turn gives us an instant increase in ball speed.  We try not to get too aggressive with mowing and rolling during these cooler periods otherwise speeds can get a little crazy.
          So far this week we've pencil-tined the greens on Cypress Links, Topdressed the greens on King's Dunes, continued the sanding of the bunkers on #16 of Cypress, sprayed all the fairways on King's with (Specticle) a pre-emergent herbicide, sprayed greens on all three courses with a fungicide to combat Fairy-ring and continued our irrigation / drainage work at the tennis facility.  Thursday we'll pencil tine the greens on Royal Lakes and finish up some of the pre-emergent work on the fairways.

      January 25th, 2017
          We were off to a slow start this week due to the high winds from Sunday's storm and all the debris blown onto the courses.  The bulk of the staff spent all day Monday on cleanup duty.  Monday we pencil tined KD greens which really needed a good venting to help move water into the soil.  There are areas throughout KD where wind burn is evident on the putting surfaces.  These areas will recover quickly and we are monitoring the moisture levels closely to insure they do.  The tees-surrounding roughs and fairways on CL were all sprayed with our first application of Specticle pre-emergent herbicide on Tuesday and Wednesday.  We will make another application in these areas 60 days from now, which will give us weed control well into the summer months.  We will start the same application on RL Thursday but this will also include several post-emergent herbicides.  Thursday RL will also receive a light dust topdressing using our spreader cart.  Lastly work is going smoothly at the tennis center where we are changing out all sprinklers adding some drainage and moving sprinklers for better coverage in the landscape.  When this is completed we will begin replanting as needed throughout the facility.

      January 20th, 2017
         Another week has come to an end here's a recap.  The poorly cutting mowers from last weekend were all ground (sharpened) and we are starting on our backup set.  The secondary set were cutting nicely but with all the events coming up in the next few months we felt a fresh grind would be a good option rather than waiting until the mowers really needed it.  The green bunkers on 14 CL are completely sanded and we will be moving on to #16 next week.  All greens were sprayed with growth regulator and nutrients this week and RL was fertilized with a 0-0-13 granular blend.  We tend not to do much granular work this time of year due to the extra water needed to dissolve the particles which the greens really don't need this time of year.  However, this application was timed just right when the greens actually needed some additional water which worked out nicely.  The woods along the waste bunker on 9 CL are receiving a light cleanup.  We are about 75% complete with this project and which will be completed next week.  The pigment application to the fairways on CL and RL were completed this week as well.  The tees on CL and KD were all fertilized with 11-0-18 blend which should give them a good kick and green up over the next two weeks.  Lastly staff worked on topdressing divots on CL and KD fairways and tees this week.

      January 17th, 2017
          We often have a love hate relationship with topdressing on the putting surfaces.  The sand improves ball roll but it can be murder on the cutting units (mowers).  Nothing dulls the mowers faster than sand on the greens.  We work aggressively to make sure the mowers stay sharp on a daily basis but on occasion a dull mower can slip past our process and the result is often scalp marks on the putting surfaces.  The photos below were from a poor cutting mower over the weekend on King's Dunes #5.  After seeing this damage the mechanics have been instructed to get the cutting units back on the grinder to ensure all mowers are cutting to our standards.  Hopefully, before too long we'll see a brand new grinder in our shop to help keep these mowers cutting to perfection on a daily basis.  This type of scalping will heal very quickly in our current growing conditions and should be hardly evident a week from now.

      January 16th, 2017
         The sanding of the back green bunker on #13 of CL was completed this morning and we moved on to the lakeside bunker on #14 which should be completed by early Tuesday morning.  The fairways on KD were sprayed with pigment, fertilizer and a herbicide.  The fairways on CL were fertilized with the 11-0-18 blend this should give us some good growth with the warm weather we've been seeing lately.  We started some sod repairs along the cart path on #6 green of KD which should be completed by Tuesday.   

      January 11th, 2017
          We're back in full swing after the holidays, here's what's going on over the past few days.  All pigment applications to CL fairways and tees have been completed, this included a herbicide to kill any stray ryegrass that may have founds it's way onto the fairways. This herbicide known as Monument will also control several other weed types such as nutsedge and paspalum.  The fairway fertilizer application on KD using an 11-0-18 quick release blend has been completed and lightly watered in as of Monday afternoon.  The greens on KD and RL have been sprayed with growth regulator, nutrients and a fungicide, CL is on the schedule for Thursday.  Most of the Bahiagrass areas have been rechecked and spot sprayed for broadleaf weeds.  The dead tree on #14 of CL has been cut down and removed, we'll work on the stump next week.  The final green bunker on CL #18 has been sanded and we have moved on to the right green bunker on #13 of CL.  All CL greens have been checked and sprayed for a weed known as Nutsedge, see photo.  When sprayed these areas turn a straw brown as they die-off.  The annual beds in front of the CCW clubhouse are being changed out, these new plants will resist frost damage and will last well into the spring.  Finally, our upgraded irrigation computer for CCW has been installed and is up and running with the latest Rainbird software, CCE will be done on Thursday.

      January 5th, 2017
          Every so often the growing pains of the maintenance department can be seen on the golf course.  When new staff arrive they go through a 3 hour orientation before stepping foot on the golf courses.  This familiarizes them with our operation and begins their training process.  We often start employees on raking bunkers but there are occasions where we start new hires walk-mowing greens right out of the gate.  These employees will watch a short training video about the greens mower and will then be escorted by a veteran employee to one of the practice greens for hands on training.  Once we feel the employee has the basics down we will then put them on 1 of our 12 green-sets with a veteran employee.  Most of the time this training is not evident to the membership but every so often we have a new hire that panics and lowers the mower on the collar causing a scalp mark.   These are currently evident on several holes on Cypress Links such as hole #5.  In order to encourage a speedy recovery these scalp marks will receive additional fertilizer over the next several weeks.  These Rookie greens' mowers will remain with the veteran employee for several weeks until we feel confident they can perform this duty flawlessly on a daily basis. 

      January 3rd, 2017
          Our pigment application to the fairways on KD should be done by mid-day on Tuesday, we will then start on the tees with the same fertilizer and pigment mix.  We made an application of weed control to the driving range yesterday and added a little pigment for some additional color on the range.  The range tees and all surrounding ryegrass was fertilized using the 11-0-18 blend used on the tees and fairways.  We also had a full complement of staff working on sanding and seeding the divot areas on the tees to keep them playable throughout the winter months.  We started trimming the wetland just off the 11th tee of CL today and should have the area completed by the end of the week.

      December 29th, 2016
         The turf sure does love this weather we've been seeing over the last two weeks.  We're seeing record growth for this time of year on all playing surfaces and our staff is working hard to keep it cut and playable.  The greens have been sprayed with minor nutrients and growth regulators over the past two days helping to keep speeds right where we want them.  The greens on KD were lightly topdressed yesterday and CL will be done this afternoon, this is an extremely light dusting which falls into the canopy helping to fill in the voids between the leaf blades.  This firms the surface and increases smoothness and roll.  We are continuing our cart path edging on KD and will hopefully have that course completed by the end of the day.  We will be wrapping up a mainline irrigation leak in the tennis and fitness area today, it's taken a little longer due to the odd size pipe used for the mainline and the delay in receiving the special fitting needed for the repair.  Once repairs are completed we will start going through all the irrigation at the tennis and fitness areas making all necessary repairs to get this system fully operational again.   

      December 27th,2016
         We gave most of the crew Monday off to spend with their families so the greens on KD and CL have not been mowed since Saturday.  With this in mind in order to get them back to playable conditions all greens were double cut with the triplex mowers followed by our rollers this morning.  We will be making our normal growth regulator applications to the putting surfaces this week to help combat the extra growth and keep green speeds in the acceptable range.  We've started our pigment spraying on CL fairways this morning and will most likely finish them on Wednesday, RL is also scheduled for this week.  Although the fairways really don't need it due to the growth we are seeing we still need to have it in place in case the weather turns to normal temperatures and the turf begins to go dormant.  This type of pigment applications don't work well if applied after the grass goes dormant it needs a buildup of applications on the leaf-blades while the turf is actively growing for the best impact, with continued applications once the turf is dormant to maintain a dark green appearance.

      December 22nd, 2016
          With the wet overcast mornings lasting well into the afternoon we are starting to see some disease breakthrough on some of the putting surfaces.  Although we treat the greens regularly with fungicides we can still see weather conditions that dominate disease development.  We are making additional fungicide applications to all putting surfaces over the next two days to insure protection.  These applications will be made at a higher rate that normal and will be visible on the putting surfaces, these fungicides tend to cover/coat the leaves for protection and can be evident for up to a week after the application.

      December 20th, 2016
          The greens on KD were vented on Monday which completes all three courses within the last week.  This venting, solid tine aeration, opens holes 3" deep into the putting surface to allow better water and air movement into the soil.  This in turn improves the health of the plant and drives root growth deeper into the soil. Our crew started trimming the wetland on #14 of KD, this process might take a little longer than our other wetland trimming due to the direct ball flight over the wetland.  All fairways on KD and most of the tees were sprayed with pigments and nutrients on Monday and Tuesday, any remaining areas will be completed on Wednesday.  We've seen some areas on the putting surfaces getting a little drought stressed over the past few days, this is due to the lack of water we are putting on the greens to keep them firm.  We are hand watering the dry areas with the addition of wetting agents to help keep them moist for longer periods.  The addition of the POGO moisture measuring tool has really helped us to monitor water levels and make better informed decisions on when to irrigate.

      December 12th, 2016
           We know it's getting close to the holidays, often many employees need extra time off as we get closer to the holidays.  Even with up to 7 staff members out today we were very productive.  The fairways on CL and RL received their bi-monthly pigment application and the tees on CL were started.  The greens on Cypress also received a light topdressing using the black sand, pencil tine aerification, and rolling.  The tees on Cypress were fertilized with a 20-0-25 blend, KD tees were started and will be finished on Tuesday.  Some of our normal mowing duties were started such as flymowing the bunkers on KD, mowing fairways, mowing roughs and mowing Tees Collars and Approaches.  All mowing will be completed throughout the remainder of the week.

      December 7th, 2016
         As I'm sure everyone knows the weather can change day to day in Florida and those changes can affect playing conditions almost overnight.  The warm weather we've seen over the past several days has caused the putting surfaces to slow down considerably from last week's conditions.  We are combating the increase in growth with additional rolling and an increase in our growth regulator application rates.  The rain on Wednesday afternoon compounds the decrease in green speeds as well, we will not irrigate for the next 4-5 days on the putting surfaces to improve firmness and speeds.  We should bounce back to normal winter playing conditions after the next cold front passes bringing with it some colder temperatures.
         We completed the pigment application on King's Dunes fairways on Wednesday morning and have begun spraying the tees on King's Dunes.  Our attempt to spray the putting surfaces on Cypress Links this morning was a flop due to equipment issues, we'll reschedule for Friday morning.  We have continued our sanding of green bunkers on Cypress Links with #11 being completed on Tuesday and #12 started this morning. 

      December 2nd,2016
          The greens on Royal Lakes received a light topdressing on Thursday, this may seem a little heavier than the recent topdressings on Cypress and King's due to the application method.  The greens on all three courses have received an application of fungicide and nutrients between Wednesday and Friday.  We also included additional growth regulator due to the warm weather we've been experiencing over the last week.  The tees on both Cypress and King's received some divot topdressing as well as all the fairways on Cypress, we started King's but haven't finished.  We completed trimming project along the wetland behind the clubhouse on the south side to improve the view of the 9th green from the clubhouse.  Additional trimming will be scheduled along the edge of the 9th hole later this winter.

      November 30th, 2016
          Although it would be nice to see a little rain it has been great having this dry weather to get our projects done.  Monday All tees on Cypress and King's were sprayed with Pigments and the fairways on Royal Lakes were completed as well.  Bunker edging on King's Dunes is progressing nicely and should be completed by late afternoon today.  The greens on Cypress and King's were lightly topdressed on Monday using the dry bagged sand.  We adjusted our spreader to put a little less sand on the putting surfaces to compensate for the slow growth we have been seeing over the past week.  In order to limit the amount of sand picked up by the mowers the greens were rolled only on Tuesday which still provided speeds in the 10'9" range.
      The overseeding is coming up nicely on the range, we will continue to monitor and add seed where needed.  We do ask that everyone make an effort to keep carts off any overseeded areas.  We've added posts along the cart-paths rather than ropes which can restrict walking traffic but the posts don't work as well keeping the carts on the paths.  The water feature on 15 of King's was giving us some problems and repairs were completed on Tuesday, we will continue to monitor for a few days to make sure all is working properly.  Lastly the fountain near #1 of Cypress Links was pulled in for cleaning and to replace the light-bulbs, we have it back in place but still need to make repairs to the control box for proper operation which we hope to have completed today.

      November 22nd, 2016
          Monday was again a productive day and the coldest of the season.  The TifEagle on the greens will turn a little purple under these temperatures but will quickly rebound when the night temperatures increase.  The greens on Cypress Links received a pencil tine aerification followed by a rolling.  They may feel slightly soft for a few days after but will quickly firm up as we continue to mow and roll the putting surfaces.  The fairways on Cypress received an application of pigment and we were planning on doing King's on Tuesday however mechanical issues on our spray-rig have postponed the application.  The greens on King's and Cypress were sprayed on Monday and Tuesday with fertilizer, fungicide, pigment and growth regulator.  We've started trimming the wetland on #11 of King's Dunes and have made some great progress in two days, we should easily have this completed by the end of the week.  The bunkers on 9 Green of Cypress have received their new sand, as a reminder this is the angular sand which compacts fairly quickly and helps to prevent a plugged lie in the bunkers.  With  regular raking and irrigation this sand will play as expected in 7 to 10 days after being placed in the bunker.

      November 18th, 2016
          We completed several projects on Thursday which included; trimming the wetland on #13 of Cypress Links and the re-sanding of the green bunker on #8 of Cypress Links.  Other smaller projects that we continue to work on include edging sprinkler heads on King's Dunes and refinishing the bag stands on the range tees.  Our seed on the range tees is coming up nicely at this point and as always it gets a little hairy for the first several weeks.  We mowed the tees on Thursday afternoon when the turf was dry which produces the best cut possible with the succulent ryegrass.  We cut it again on Friday morning to keep it playable for the weekend.  Our pre-emergent herbicide work in the landscape beds is moving on to Cypress Links, we completed King's Dunes on Thursday, it can take up to two weeks to complete the remaining landscape beds.  This application will help control weeds for up to 6 months and will help reduce our need for roundup applications.

      November 16th, 2016
         Sorry for the delay in updates this week.  We've been busy with the following items over the past 3 days.  Monday, King's Dunes greens were pencil tine aerified and rolled.  The fairways on King's received an application of pigment and nutrients.  The tees on King's received a spray application of nutrients and fungicide.  Tuesday, the greens on King's received a fungicide and growth regulator application.  The bunkers on #7 green received new sand with the one on the left fully completed.  Wednesday, the greens on Cypress were sprayed with fungicide and growth regulator, and the greens on King's were cart topdressed, Cypress will be done on Thursday.  New sand was added to the right green bunker on #7 CL, we will move to #8 on Thursday.  The collars and about 6 feet of rough around the greens on King's were sprayed with fungicide and nutrients to prevent any possibility of disease from tracking onto the putting surfaces from the surround turf, Cypress will be completed on Thursday.  Across all 3 days the wetland on #13 of Cypress Links was being trimmed and I can't thank the two staff members enough for doing such a great job on this project.  We'll be moving on to #11 of King's Dunes next.

      November 11th, 2016
          Thursday was a busy day in the maintenance department.  The fairways on Cypress Links received the 11-0-18 fertilizer, the greens on Cypress were lightly topdressed, the greens on King's Dunes were sprayed with nutrients and growth regulator, the fairways on Royal Lakes were fertilized with the 11-0-18 and the overseeding of the range tees at Royal Lakes was started.  Over the past several days the wetland on #9 of Cypress Links was trimmed and we will move on to some of the other wetlands in the coming weeks.
          We are seeing the courses drying out considerably with the current lack of rain.  These dry spells often help us find mechanical issues with the irrigation system such as heads not turning or faulty solenoids that don't allow the sprinkler to turn on.  As we make our daily rounds of the courses we investigate any abnormal dry area and make the necessary repairs or adjustments. 
      November 9th, 2016
          The greens on King's Dunes were lightly topdressed today using the bagged dry sand and our spreader cart.  We really like the results we're seeing from these frequent light topdressings.  We may change to a darker colored sand once the temperatures decrease but we will continue these applications throughout the winter months.  With the cooler morning temperatures lately we are starting to see the sand sit on top of the turf longer which requires a light brushing after the application.  We will incorporate the brushing into all future light topdressing applications throughout the season.
         The fairways on Cypress Links were sprayed with a new pigment today, we'll monitor  them over the next week to see how we like the hue this pigment provides vs the one we've used the past several years.
         The granular fertilizer, 11-0-18, application was completed on King's Dunes fairways this morning on holes 12-18 and watered.  This should give us a little kick of growth in the next 5-7 days.  Cypress and Royal will receive the same fairway fertilizer application on Thursday morning.

      November 8th, 2016
         The greens on Cypress and King's were sprayed with growth regulator and fungicide between Monday and today.  We are continuing our work of adding sand to the green bunkers on #6 of Cypress with most of the bunkers to the right of the green completed.  The overseeding of the driving range areas went fairly smooth on Monday, we will begin to increase watering of the tees and surrounding roughs to encourage germination.  Ropes will be reinstalled along all cart paths to keep carts off the new seedlings.  While we were cleaning in preparation for the seed application we also limbed up the oak trees along the parking areas.  We managed to fertilize fairways on holes 1-12 of King's Dunes on Monday before we needed the spreader for our seed application, we'll finish up the remaining fairways on Wednesday morning.

      November 4th, 2016
           Cypress Links received a granular fertilizer application on Thursday using an 18-9-18 slow release blend.  This should continue to give us good color for the next several weeks.  King's Dunes received an application of 0-0-25 on Friday which will help keep the plant strong without the excessive growth we can often see from nitrogen.  King's Dunes greens are growing a little more than we would like due to the warmer temperatures and the fertilize application made last week, they were double cut on Friday morning to compensate for the additional growth. 
         We completed the sanding of the green bunkers on #5 of Cypress Links and will continue with #6 on Monday.  We are also continuing our weed work throughout the courses, with the higher temperatures we can expect to see some yellowing on the bermudagrass where applications have been made.

      November 1st, 2016
           The greens on Cypress and King's received a light topdressing on Monday to help smooth the putting surfaces.  The greens on King's were sprayed today with growth regulator, fungicide and nutrients.  Cypress will receive a similar spray on Wednesday.  Royal Lakes greens were sprayed today with the final of two applications of a new nematicide along with nutrients and wetting agents.  This will help to encourage new root growth and keep healthy roots throughout the winter months.
           We started doing a heavy verticut on the collars around the practice greens in preparation for the overseeding which we have scheduled for next week.  We need to open the canopy on the shorter turf to provide good seed to soil contact and improve the germination rate.  We will be spraying the range tees later this week with wetting agent to help hold moisture at the top of the soil which will benefit the new seedlings.
          We are continuing our efforts to top off the green bunkers on Cypress Links with new sand.  We are currently working on hole #5 which we should have completed by late Thursday.  We'll move on to hole #6 early next week.

      October 27th, 2016
          The greens on Cypress were sprayed yesterday with a growth regulator and fungicide.  The fungicide we used this time around is basically a high phosphorus fertilizer (phosphite) that helps the plant defend itself from infection.  This preventative fungicide is used when disease pressures are extremely low, it provides the protection we need, makes the plant stronger and costs much less than traditional fungicides.
         We started a fertilizer application to the tees on Cypress Links but due to equipment failure we only completed 1-9, the back-nine will be completed this afternoon.
         This morning we are attempting to vent all the greens on Cypress Links by taking advantage of the ladies 9 hole event.  With tee times not starting until after 10:00am on #1 we can use this time to vent the greens ahead of normal play.  We will follow the venting process with rollers in order to provide a good playing surface immediately following the process.

      October 25th, 2016
           The greens on King's Dunes received a fertilizer application using a 18-9-18 slow release blend.  Once the greens were completed the tees received an application of a 30-0-0 slow release blend as well.  Both were watered in well that evening and will provide up to 3 weeks of steady nutrient release.  We also finished up our growth regulator and weed control applications to several fairways on King's Dunes holes 1-9.  We delayed this application due to the weakened condition of the turf in some areas when the original application was made on 10-18.  The collars were spray in the afternoon with a wetting agent and some fertilizer to help hold moisture and provide nutrients to maintain healthy turf.  The collars can take a beating in the winter months when additional rolling is performed and growth is limited.  We will make additional applications as necessary throughout the winter months. 
           We have been playing with our moisture monitor system (POGO) the past couple of days on the greens of Cypress Links.  Taking moisture readings in the morning and afternoon to see how levels are holding steady throughout the day.  This allows us to hold back on the watering the entire green and allows us to hand water any hot spots we may run across.  We've only spot watered on Cypress Links over the past two days and the moisture levels are still adequate to maintain healthy turf.  We'll continue to spot water until we make a fertilizer application later in the week.

      October 20th, 2016
          The greens on Royal Lakes are receiving a venting today using small solid tines on the aerification machines.  This will be followed up with a rolling which will mask the top of the hole but leave the column within the soil open for air and water exchange.  The greens on King's Dunes are receiving a nutrient and growth regulator spray this morning, this along with the cooler weather coming this weekend should provide some outstanding conditions on the putting surfaces.
          Our first Putting Event is scheduled for this evening at Royal Lakes, just in case the event runs later than expected we have installed the exterior lighting around the putting course.  I'm sure we will be using these lights often this winter to extend everyone's enjoyment of this new amenity. 

      October 18th, 2016
           Monday was a busy day with the greens on King's Dunes received a solid tine aerification (venting) followed by a light topdressing.  They were then rolled and the sand was dragged into the surface of the turf in preparation for play on Tuesday morning.  The fairways on Cypress received a nutrient spray application along with using up some old pigment left over from last year.  We started resanding the green bunkers on #3 of Cypress Links, 1,10 and 15 have already been completed.  The greens on Cypress were fertilized with a 0-0-25 blend on Monday then sprayed on Tuesday with minors and a growth regulator. King's Dunes will receive the same mix on Thursday and Cypress again on Friday of this week.

      Recent USGA Site Visit Report,  CLICK HERE


  • Photo Update

    •   Below: A core sample pulled from #1 Green on Cypress Links.

      This shows just how well the roots are growing and how

      much of an impact our summer aerifications have had by

      adding sand to the profile. Notice the vertical sand channels!         



      Two of many Colts seen throughout the property this spring.  


      Below: Our newest addition to our equipment inventory.

      This grinder will help keep all our mowers sharp which in turns

      helps to provide better playing conditions.    


      Below: These two Red-tail hawks have built a nest in a palm

      within our golf maintenance facility, it will be fun watching them

      raise a family.     



  • Rain Records
    • Did you know we have up to 7 rain gauges throughout our three golf courses? Five actually control the irrigation system and the other two are used for quick reference at our maintenance facilities. Click here to see our daily rain totals. 

      Note: This will redirect you to a Google Docs file. To return you may need to use the back button on your browser.
  • Pin Sheets
    •   In order to optimize the GPS system on the golf carts we utilize a 3 zone system consisting of front, middle and back.  Our setup staff also moves the tee markers to correspond with the zone location, for example; if the zone is in the front of the green tee markers will be setup behind the yardage stones on each of the tees.  Of course for the most accurate yardage, readings can be obtained by using the reflectors secured to the top of every flagpole with your personal range finder.   Below are copies of the pin-sheets, please feel free to copy, paste and print these sheets for your personal use, copies are also available through the pro shops.

  • 2015 Maintenance Schedule
    • 2015
      Summer Closing and Maintenance Schedule
      Updated 1-12-15

      Feb 18th-19th Royal Lakes Spring Fertilizer Closed

      March 9th-10th Cypress Spring Fertilizer Closed

      March 23rd-25th King’s ¼” Aerification Closed

      March 23rd-25th King’s Spring Fertilizer Closed

      April 20th-May 4th Cypress Aerification 5/8 2X Closed

      April 20th-21rd Cypress Chipco Choice Closed

      May 5th-17th Royal Aerification 5/8 1X Closed

      May 6th -7th Royal Chipco Choice App Closed

      May 18th – June 5th King’s Aerification 5/8” 2X Closed

      May 20th – 21th King’s Chipco Choice App Closed

      June 15th-July 3rd Cypress Aerification 5/8” 2X Closed

      July 27th- Aug 14th Royal Aerification 5/8” 1X Closed

      Aug 17th- Sept 4th Kings Aerification 5/8” 2X Closed

      Sept 7th – 11th Royal pre-emergent Herbicide App Closed

      Sept 7th- 11th Royal Fall Fertilizer App Closed

      Sept 14th – 18th Cypress Pre-emergent Herbicide App Closed

      Sept 14th – 18th Cypress Fall Fertilizer App Closed

      Sept 14th- 18th Cypress Aerification 1/4" 1X Closed

      Sept 28th – Oct 2nd King’s Pre-emergent App Closed

      Sept 28th- 30th King’s Fall Fertilizer App Closed

      Nov 1st Pigment Applications to all Fairways Begin Open

  • 2016 Maintenance Schedule
    • 2017

      Summer Closing and Maintenance Schedule

      Updated 2/21/2017



      Feb 13th-14th        King’s Spring Fertilizer Closed      


      Feb 15th-16th    Royal Lakes Spring Fertilizer Closed


      March 6th-7th      Cypress Spring Fertilizer  Closed    


      April 10th-12th      King’s ¼” Aerification  Closed       


      April 10th-11th      King’s Chipco Choice App.           


      May 1st-14th       Cypress Aerification 5/8 2X  Closed


      May 3rd&4th          Cypress Chipco Choice  Closed    


      May 11th         Cypress DryJect Aerification  Closed


      May  15th-28th      Royal Aerification 5/8 1X  Closed


      May 15th -16th      Royal Chipco Choice App  Closed


      May 25th              Royal Lakes DryJect Aerification    


      June 5th -25th       King’s Aerification 5/8” 2X  Closed


      June 15th             King’s DryJect Aerification              


      July 10th-30th       Cypress Aerification 5/8” 2X  Closed


      July 20th               Cypress DryJect Aerification           


      August 1st-13th      Royal Aerification 5/8” 1X  Closed


      August 7th          Royal DryJect Aerification              


      Aug 14th- 31st      Kings Aerification 5/8” 2X  Closed


      August 21st         King’s DryJect Aerification             


      Sept 11-15th      Royal Fertilizer Application  Closed


      Sept 18th-22nd    King’s Fertilizer Application Closed


      Sept 25th-29th    Cypress Fertilizer Application  Closed


      Oct 30th   Pigment Applications to all Fairways Begins Open

  • Project List
      • Remove grasses along the cart path on #8 tee of KD and replace with rip rap to better hold the slope
      • Repair drainage basins as needed in the fairways on Cypress and King's, raise and level
      • Add drainage in the low Bahia area left of #4 fairway on Cypress Links
      • Add Irrigation to the south side of the canal on #2 of Cypress and landscape area
      • Cut back pepper trees growing along the woods-line on 18 of Cypress
      • Add more Fakahatchee grass along some of the lakes where turf is difficult to grow.
      • Repair / resurface bridge on #9 of Cypress Links.
      • Replace some of the poor performing trees on Royal Lakes with Mags.
      • Renovate the irrigation, drainage and landscape at tennis.
      • Work on landscape around the maintenance facility and install a new nursery green within the facility.