Golf Academy

The Lakewood Ranch Golf Academy is set at the world class facilities of Lakewood Ranch Golf & Country Club.

With its 3 beautiful 18 hole golf courses and first class practice facilities it offers everything a player will need to improve their game.

The Lakewood Ranch Golf Academy teaches the entire game to every player, whether you are a beginner or a Tour Professional, you can benefit from our teaching programs. Using state of the art V1 Digital Video Analysis we can analyze your swing and show you the most efficient way for you to swing a golf club.

Jon Bullas’ Teaching Philosophy – Jon’s teaching methods are a blend of experience, education and imagination. Jon looks at every player as an individual to form a holistic approach to coaching. The goal is to find the best way for a player to swing the golf club. This involves looking at the body type of the player to create a movement that functions efficiently. Using the impact facts that create the ball flight laws Jon can help a player improve their swing. Learning how to score better is the goal of any player, the short game and course management are a big piece to the puzzle. Jon can show you tried and tested short game skills along with ways of thinking on the golf course that can enhance any player’s game.

"No two swings are or should be the same, every player brings something unique."
Jon Bullas

  • Golf Summer Camp
  • Jon Bullas, Golf Academy Instructor
    • Department: Golf 

      Position: Golf Academy Instructor 

      Phone: (941) 961-9329 


      Originally from Kent, England. Following a decorated junior career competing at national level, Jon moved to Florida to attend Florida Atlantic University on a golf scholarship. After turning Professional in 2000 he played various tours around the world. During this time Jon discovered that he was helping other players with their games more than he was helping his own game. His attention switched from playing to teaching golf. Jon made the decision to become PGA qualified and worked as an Assistant Professional at Dartford Golf Club near London. He became PGA Class A in 2005. To further his coaching career he moved to Sarasota in 2006. Since then Jon has coached players of all levels, from juniors to tour professionals. Jon’s players have won events on Professional Tours, AJGA and gained college scholarships.
      Congratulations to Jon on being recognized as an Honorable Mentioned Top 50 Kids Teacher for 2012. We greatly appreciate your support of U.S. Kids Golf and your dedication to making an impact through developing the game of golf among youth. U.S. Kids Golf Foundation.

  • Individual Programs
    • 1 Hour

      Using V1 Video your swing will be analyzed. Combining your movement pattern and ball flight we will make the changes that are necessary to produce a more efficient swing that creates the desired ball flight. Incorporate drills and exercises to help speed up the improvement. Your video lesson will be e-mailed to you.
      Non-member $120, Member $100

      2 Hour

      This gives the player an extended Video Lesson and Flightscope Launch Monitor evaluation. Your video lesson will be e-mailed to you along with the Launch results.
      Non-member $230, Member $190

      Old fashion Quick Fix

      30 minute look at your swing to provide a good feel for your next game. No video involved.
      Non-Member $70, Member $60

      Short Game

      The short shots require precision that comes from good technique. The address position is vital to chipping, pitching and sand shots. You can have an in-depth session on one area or share your session with a few types of short shots.
      Non-member $120, Member $100


      Gain an understanding how your stroke can create a square impact required to roll the ball. Looking at the ball performance we can make adjustments to your stroke to produce optimum spin on the ball. Your video lesson will be e-mailed to you.
      Non-member $120, Member $100

      Playing Lesson

      Play 9 holes under our guidance. Focusing on the factors that help you improve as a player. Course management, pre-shot routine, green reading, etiquette and more…
      Non-member $230, Member $190

      *24 Hour Cancellation Policy*

  • Group Programs
    • Half Day School

      Custom design your three hour session to suit your needs. This can include an intense swing session or total game evaluation. Share the experience with a partner or friend. Available Mon-Fri 9am – 12pm or 1pm – 4pm.
      Non-member $300, Member $250

      3 Day Schools

      The ultimate game improvement package. Spend 3 mornings working on all areas of your game. Receive a complete guide to continued improvement and e-mail video of the experience. Take a well earned lunch break in our highly rated restaurant followed by 18 holes on one of our Championship golf courses. The 3 day school is based on 2 or more people in a group.
      $750 / per person

      24-Hour Cancellation Policy

  • Junior Programs
    • Junior 1 Hour

      A coaching session designed to be age and skill specific. Building solid fundamentals in a relaxed and fun environment.
      Juniors (Aged 6- 16) $75.